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Hagerty Employee

This Honda Goldwing cemented my love affair with O-rings | Hagerty Media

The seal between two components is vitally important in so many automotive systems, and this weekend I gained a new appreciation for the elastomer ring. A simple, trustworthy piece of kit that makes working on and maintaining my projects significantly easier-until I have a Monday morning lapse in judgement.
Intermediate Driver

I can smell the stale varnish in the crusty float bowls through my monitor. I spent more time than I'd like to remember rebuilding motorcycle carburetors from the 80s. Wishing you the best of luck.
Advanced Driver

Yeah, dittos to fats .. unless you're riding it at least weekly, drain and run
it dry every time before putting away for an extended storage. Good luck
on keeping up with eBay parts .. finding maintenance/wear parts for a 20
yr-old wing is difficult .. and long-term owners will caution newbies to stay
away from oldies, even the most cherry-looking.