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Hagerty Employee

This “hippie” ’67 Alfa Romeo Duetto is all about the joy of driving

Back in fall 2018, at an Alfa Romeo Association club event, I was looking at a rough 1967 Alfa Duetto when the car’s owner, Leslie Yuen, introduced himself. “This is my hippie Duetto,” he said. “It may look tired, but I’ve driven it everywhere.” He told me he’d entered it in the upcoming Targa California, a vintage rally from Palm Springs to Ensenada, Mexico, and back, but he needed a codriver to photograph the event. I had someone in mind.


Six weeks later, Leslie turned up on my doorstep in the Oakland hills with his hippie Duetto, and we made the 500-mile drive down to Palm Springs—day one of a five-day adventure that covered 2000 miles in all.


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New Driver

Thanks for posting Hagerty, we do what your supposed to do with old cars... drive them!