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Hagerty Employee

This gorgeous Mini ute is funky, fun, and functional

Flashy exotics make a lot of noise and garner a lot of attention, but oftentimes a unique expression of a more accessible car offers wider appeal. Case in point: this 1962 Austin Mini pickup owned by Ricky Ngo.

I wish ALL trucks were that size. SSUVs too.
New Driver

nicely turned out truck. I have a rear window for a PU. A nice memory

Intermediate Driver

That is a sweet and useful ride!
I had my eye on a late model (2003 to 09) Mini Cooper truck conversion. Red Bull had commissioned a fleet of them for promotions. They must have retired them by now, but where are they??
New Driver

Met him at a car event in Arcadia Ca. a couple months ago
Great guy
Great story
Truck looks fantastic in person
Glad it was featured here
Intermediate Driver

Bitchin, thats the only word to fully describe this wicked little Mini
Intermediate Driver

Nice truck. Good story. Great pics. Thanks, Brandan.
Pit Crew

Nice PUP! Though I must admit I am partial to 10" tires- but that is my bias. Clearly more fun than should be legal. Kim- '63 Morris Mini Minor

Hard to believe that nobody is making a small truck. If that ugly rabbit truck from VW sold, hard to believe it wouldn't see today....


Those are really neat, the grand cherokee truck is sweet. I personally liked the VW Caddy truck and would like to have one still.
New Driver

Sweet and cool ride but need to see it next to a few minivans driven by texting drivers before I can answer the daily use question.
Pit Crew

Awesome to see unique vehicles like this. Love to see mini trucks. I personally own a 1983 Plymouth Scamp pickup, and it always gets looks at car shows.
Pit Crew

Great article. I hope Jeremy Thorpe isn't teased about his name.
Intermediate Driver

Certainly, Minis are the most smile generating vehicles ever created. Timeless

Stuff like this is way more interesting than the usual Chevelle/Mustang/etc. Quirky is always cool.
Pit Crew

There is a white one parked in front of the Kennedy and Lawrence

Swap Shop here in Toronto. Looks cool parked beside my 1965 El Camino.


Near the Bowling alley?
Advanced Driver

It's darling! I'm very fussy about automotive (and other) aesthetics. This thing's a perfect 10!

Very cool mini truck. Love what he has done to it.
Advanced Driver

It would be nice if 'big auto' offered small and mini bare bones vehicles of all types, with an appropriate price tag. Most people would own one. They would sell like crazy. You say " then why aren't they here?" Because if there were, they would try to kill them immediately with prices bordering on luxury barges (suv's) and mega trucks. A comparison of sorts could be made with the electric cars. Supposed to be the low priced affordable savior of the planet. Instead we get 1000 h.p. Hummers and the like. The tech. is here and available to give you an e.c. under $10,000 but they will do anything to stop it from happening. Some countries offering cars in the 5 to 10 grand range in american money. Cheap cars I can turn a wrench on? You bet!
Advanced Driver

The new business model, (extract the highest price possible with the highest margins attainable, to the few that can afford it.) is the exact opposite of Henry Fords vision. We need it back!

Very well done Brandan and certainly Rickey, who should know by now that he has a business opportunity! I, like number cruncher below, wish all trucks were this size. There are a couple of exporters in England who know where a lot of these are, and, climate notwithstanding, they may be in the kind of condition worth restoring. Terrific UTE!
Intermediate Driver

Couple of comments:
1. This mini has been tricked out far beyond the ability of most backyard car folks. The engine alone is proof of that, but as it's not a stock Mini Cooper S, the reverse rims are also a sign of serious aftermarket 'tricking'.

2. IMO, the Mini panel van was a far superior and much nicer looking 'working Mini'. If you gave me this Mini pickup, I'd trade it in a heartbeat for a Mini panel wagon (van). 🙂
Intermediate Driver

Umm, according to the article, the engine (aside the dual carb conversion) is bone stock. The block has been painted and the valve cover polished. None of that is "beyond the ability of most backyard car folks".
Intermediate Driver

I am just finishing a '47 Crosley pickup. Same size, and just right for a shop truck. .......Jim.
Pit Crew

I would walk past any Lambos or Ferrari to look at this! Just a wonderful and even better to hear that it is daily driven - giving almost as much pleasure to those seeing it as to the driver.
Your point about "accessible" cars getting great reactions is born out by my daily driven Karmann Ghia which gets more positive comments than any of the "exotic" cars I have run. It is, as you say an "icebreaker" and I have made many friends through it.
Oh, and I used to daily drive Minis - first one with 41hp, then an Innocenti Cooper with a built 1275 and about 90hp. That thing topped out at a genuine 110mph and kept GTis honest - one of my most enjoyable cars!
Ricky, you may want to throw a 1275 with twin 1 1/4 SUs and an RC40 LCB exhaust system at it whilst it is apart - more torque means you can up the gearing to better cope with freeways and the exhaust is not too loud and gives lovely free breathing at the top end.
I love your attitude and what you have done with this little trucklet - may you enjoy many more miles of fun!

Pit Crew

Cool little truck. Great work on the details 👌. Nice to see odd ones that most don't think of.
Pit Crew

would i buy one? not just yes but hell yes!

Wow! Magnificent story! Love this Mini. I'm a big fan of smaller cars from the old square back Austin Healey Sprite to modern day Miatas, Celicas, CRX and the like. God bless him and may he get many years of happy use from this terrific little vehicle!:)

ALL the "mini trucks" sold in this country got old and fat...; The Nissan, Toyota (Honda didn't join the game, unfortunately) I keep my '97 Nissan "Hardbody" D21 Pickup.
The LAST Nissan mini, 4 cylinder manual trans AND the last year of the "pop out" extended cab windows made this a GREAT and economical truck that I constantly get asked if I want to sell!!
It's time for a line of the REAL mini trucks.

Really cool truck. I love it. Would I drive one daily? No. 

First I live in Ohio so it would be rusted in no time and it deserves better care than that. But it would be a fun cruiser. 

Small FWD trucks here have all failed. Nothing has done very well. The Ridgeline is about the best there has been but sales numbers are very poor. 

With a shared platform the Maverick can live with lower numbers. I expect good initial numbers but once they settle will enough CUV owner move over? 

The mini truck is in a class of its own. It is a cool example of a vehicle of another era and culture. It deserves to be treated well.

Advanced Driver

Now if I could just stuff a ZZ632 in it.
New Driver

HI Sr, i love the truck i do have 4 of the mini truck but i will like to buy the same rims that you have . where can a buy ? or what is the name and size of the rims ? pls El Baby..!

Nice write-up on a cool ride!


1992, I was the 'Build shop' for the only Rolls Royce "Shadow"
A parts & errand vehicle for Mitchell Motors

Very good. Power on!