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This Georges Irat roadster is a one-eyed French oddball from 1949 | Hagerty Media

Automotive is history is full of arcane, one-of-a-kind show cars. Visionary vehicles that took a bow in Geneva, Turin, London, Paris or New York, only to never be heard from again. We love it when such cars pop up for sale, if only to get our fill of automotive obscurity.

The melting monster in a Porsche Speedster's psilocybin dream/nightmare.
Intermediate Driver

Absolute World Grand Prize winner of the Totally Weird category. Wish I owned it. 1949 is my birth year and this is the perfect car to express that event. Go weird or go home !!

"Go Weird or Go Home"! Now those are words to live by. 🙂
This is the perfect car for that Maxim. It's certainly worthy of a T-shirt, emblazoned with that wording and a pic of this automobile. Maybe a poster, like the classic Countach or Corvette posters from the 70's?

I'm weird AND home 😞
Intermediate Driver

Leave it to the French for building such an unsightly vehicle.

Interesting bit of trivia there. That whole front end is just plain unattractive. If you look at the side view picture, that is a perfect cross section of an airplane wing. Which might become a problem at a speed far above what the car is capable of pushing itself to.
"A small sports car with Citroën power also arrived in 1938, but the German invasion of France in 1940 put a stop to that." In rereading this; a really funny line, regarding the world being saved from a "sports car" with Citroen power, came to mind, but, I think it was just too edgy and too non-PC for the current environment, so I will leave that to my fellow readers to glean from my text. 🙂

Thank you Andrew Newton for nearly having me shoot milk out my nose!

"Georges Irat briefly developed an electric car with a 60-mile range, but didn’t pursue EVs once the war was over." This sentence also gave forth a really funny line involving the French Government saving us from the growing Red Menace of EV automobiles and bad design, but again: Given the current backside soreness, of a certain segment of the population, to anything negative being written about any sort of EV transportation; I will again allow the more clever among the readers to read into the sentence in question, the witty one-liner that came to me. 🙂

The first glimpse of the title conjured fleeting image of a rat rod with a smart phone. iRat.

Kinda diggin' the steering wheel but unsure of the reason for the design. Riveted leaf springs?

Irat built everything except the body. But what's for sale here is just a body, built by someone other than Irat, installed on a Simca. So there's really nothing Irat about the car?
Advanced Driver

You honestly can't tell if it's coming at you in Forward or Reverse.

weird'n odd ball? sorry, I go 'the other way' & like it.
Gotta coupla ideas on a removable hrdtop for it too.