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Hagerty Employee

This fresh-baked Dutch Breadvan Hommage looks very tasty | Hagerty Media

It's been over two years in the making, but Dutch designer Niels van Roij's Breadvan Hommage is finally ready for delivery to its new owner. As we reported last year in our story of the car's development, the car is not a replica of the legendary Ferrari 250 GT SWB that entered the 1962 Le Mans 24 Hour race.
Advanced Driver

Too much talent, too much money, too weird for me. And was it verboten to use flash photography for the interior shots? I've see better lit coal mines...
Pit Crew

Yea, what's with this recent trend to under-expose photos? That advertisement video of two BMW's talking with each other in the dark has been widely circulated - I can't see a darned thing.
New Driver

What an unfortunate looking car. How much to restore it back to a stock 550?
Advanced Driver

Money can't buy taste.
Intermediate Driver

Appreciate the creativity. Can't agree with the look. It's a fancier Corvette Kammback. Yuck.

Also, photography was very "ungood."
New Driver

I think this would make a fine addition to a funeral parlor for a speedy transition to the grave. And that bubble in the hood reminds me of that game that had a dice in it called “Trouble”
Advanced Driver

One word: Photoshop. That is how you make a black cat in a coal bin interior shots viewable. Wouldn't hurt the exterior ones either, to brighten them up. This is real basic stuff and shoul have been caught before publishing.

It desperately wants to be loved, honestly I want to love it, but I just can't go beyond cautious "like". Put me down as another critic of the photos too. I briefly worried I was losing my monitor.
Advanced Driver

I'm sorry, but that bread was over-baked.
New Driver

It reminds me of an El Camino with the RV topper installed over the bed.
New Driver

Whats this so called artistic license of taking pictures in the dark? Learn how to photograph cars or go back to baleing hay!
Intermediate Driver

Reminds me of the Alfa Romeo, but I can't find the photo of the race car that this appears to be modeled after.
Pit Crew

Looks like a ricer body kit.
Simply awful.