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Hagerty Employee

This four-door Porsche 928 is the proto-Panamera that never was | Hagerty Media

Today, and certainly in terms of volume, Porsche is primarily a manufacturer of four-doored vehicles. The Cayenne and Macan SUVs dominate the company's sales charts, and the Panamera and electric Taycan aren't far behind. Porsche still makes sports cars like the 911 and 718, but the company's healthy bottom line is largely thanks to more mainstream offerings.
Advanced Driver

The 928 is an all time great to me personally, but I don't like the extended version. Now a 928 retrofitted with a LS engine and 6 speed trans? Yes. The perfect 2 plus (smaller) 2 rocketship.
New Driver

The back sort of looks like a Pacer.
Advanced Driver

I agree. Brand loyalists will swoon over this design, yet deride the Pacer. But take any photo here, place a piece of paper over the hood section, and what are you looking at? That's a Pacer, baby!

...huh? It only looks about twice as long, and half as high, as a Pacer.
Intermediate Driver

Yes, a squashed and stretched Pacer!

Intermediate Driver

I'm getting Pacer vibes soon as I saw it.
Pit Crew

And SO much better looking that the Panamera. I find the latter to be a high-price 21st century aggressive road blob, whereas the 928 - even in this extended guise - looks like something an advanced extraterrestrial civilization dropped onto earth to show us How It's Done.
Advanced Driver

The Pacerche.

Almost as ugly as the first generation Panameradingdong.
Pit Crew

I would really like this 928 shooting brake if it was fitted with 2 extra large doors like a Bentley GT. This 928 needs to be as clean as possible. Every extra (door) groove disturbs the car design.
Practical sports cars with a 3rd (or 5th) LARGE door are my personal favourite, but they are scarce. (6 or more cilinders: Jaguar XKR, BMW Grand Coupé, Porsche Targa, Audi TT, etc.)

What a beauty! I would buy it nowadays, if it had good structural integrity, a V8, and preferably a 6-speed stick. AWD would sweeten the deal even more.

This article took me back. Around the same time, one of those crazy German tuners re-bodied a 928 with a somewhat bloated Golf body. Why? Don't know, because they could, I guess.
Pit Crew

Brings back a memory of the early 1970s, don't remember exactly when. I was living in the San Fernando Valley and visited Laguna California with some friends for a day. I was very surprised to see a more or less current generation 911 of the muddy brown color so popular in the day, tooling around the town. The eye catching feature of the car was that it was a four door variant. Strange, but cool at the same time. Lots of money kicking around in that area for creative minds to put to work.
Intermediate Driver

I'm sure 928 owners are tired of having their cars compared to an AMC Pacer even though there are numerous similar design elements between the two cars that are hard to deny. The Pacer elements are why I love 928s. So it won't sooth these owners one bit if I point out this 928 prototype reminds me of the AMC Hornet (Concord, Eagle) Sportabout. That's no all bad. AMC Designer Dick Teague at one point said the Sportabout design was influenced by the two-door Chevrolet Nomad and Pontiac Safari.
Pit Crew

terryjudd, completely agree with your comments. That car (PUV - Performance Utility Vehicle) would sell today!

It's actually handsome in a mildly bizarre sort of way; that probably doesn't make sense. It's an interesting idea.
Pit Crew

This may be an old line but I've only heard it once long ago from a purist friend... buying a sports car icon that has been morphed into a performance station wagon (? or 4 dr sedan) is rather similar to buying a Rolex clock radio.