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Hagerty Employee

This Ford Cortina is a Lotus on steroids with a Honda S2000 heart

Be it the Model T or Mondeo, Ford’s been selling a sedan-bodied vehicle across the globe longer than most companies have been in operation. However, very few slip under the radar quite like the Mk I Ford Cortina two-door, sold in America well before the likes of the Mercury Capri, Merkur Scorpio, or Ford Contour.


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here's a motor/body to have

the Kent X-flow & LHD are just right in my mind. Add suspension/frame stiffeners/brake upgrades, perfect...


I've wanted to have the Lotus version of this car for many decades, but only in its historically correct version. Putting a Japanese engine in it and all the other modifications might make it perform better, but it's no longer a Cortina, it's a Frankencar. 

Intermediate Driver

This is a typical transformation done by somebody that doesn't know any thing about the power of an Kent X-flow engine and I don't think we should any attention to this kind of transformations. 


Show me a normally aspirated kent based engine that puts out 245 bhp to match the Honda F20c. The Honda engine does that in standard tune and over 700 bhp when turbo charged using the stock internal components. The Honda engine held the world record for the most bhp per liter until Ferrari beat it by 1 hp in 2010. No kent based engine can compare in the slightest to that performance, and the Honda engine will do it all day long over and over again. The original Lotus headed kent based engine, if built extremely well to a high standard might make 140 bhp but it will not last many miles.