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This fleet of fully functional vintage firetrucks is ready for adventure

For three decades, I ran an auto repair shop in Hellertown, Pennsylvania. At some point—long enough ago now that I can’t remember—I joined the Dewey Fire Company of Hellertown as a volunteer. The company dates back to 1898, and they named it after Admiral George Dewey for his victory at Manila Bay during the Spanish–American War. As far as I know, he had no connections to Hellertown and probably never even heard of the place, but he was a hero back then, so it stuck.


I own a pretty eclectic collection of vehicles, but I’m particularly connected to four trucks I bought from the fire company: a 1959 American LaFrance 900 Series pumper, a 1976 International 1700 rescue truck, a 1977 American LaFrance Century Series pumper, and a 1989 Hahn pumper ... Read the full article on


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In my list of things to do before i die is to sit in a fire truck. I never did it when I was young enough. And I've thought of buying one to have, he's quite right, they are well preserved and therefore not difficult to maintain, I have no idea where to put it out of the weather here. It would be an instant guest at the annual village parade (July 4th)

And probably give the local little ones a ride in it on a nice Sunday.........

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