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Hagerty Employee

This Fargo man is battling a walnut-wielding squirrel-and losing

Bill Fischer, of Fargo, North Dakota, has a squirrel problem. A big one that he can't seem to resolve. At least not yet. Two of Fischer's recent Facebook posts have garnered media attention, both for the almost absurd determination of a certain red squirrel and Fischer's good-natured reaction to it.
Advanced Driver

Bill--buy yourself a couple of live-traps of Squirrel size. Bait the traps using shelled pecans or walnuts. The Squirrel cannot resist! Once trapped, the Squirrel can be transported to a Preserve or Park or other wooded area and released to make a new home. Squirrels are VERY adaptive! Be sure to put as many major streets between you and the release site as possible! If you don't want to do the trapping, for a fee, pest control companies will do it for you.
Intermediate Driver

Not sure if anyone mentioned this, but here in Western New York I use mothballs to keep critters from destroying cars in storage or parked long term.


Had the same problem with my Nissan D21 pickup truck several years ago, but "only" filled one 5 gallon bucket with nuts.

My revenge: I took the bucket full of nuts, set it atop a second, upended 5 gallon bucket and put 'em both on my patio table. Then we had a great deal of fun watching several frustrated squirrels--not to mention chipmunks--trying to scale 3 feet of slick plastic to get at all those nuts. They never did.
New Driver

In the northeast and We use moth balls in the winter to keep rodents out of the buildings and beds. Fix urine in around the classic cars and boats in a sealed pole barn.

As a preventative measure we use live traps with peanut butter for spot squirrel removal. Squirrels are released after a quick bath i a full wheelbarrow. Otherwise a break barrel .22 air rifle with a scope gets them gone before they get inside.

They are insideious and if you don’t get rid of them completely they just
Come back and reproduce.
Pit Crew

My buddy had squirrels getting in his garage and damaging things, including his classic cars and trucks. He read an article somewhere that suggested leaving a radio on . The critters stay away from the human voices and out of his garage. As a side bar, here in western New York we can tune in Canadian stations. He tuned in a French speaking frequency and now his annoying neighbors stay away also.
Intermediate Driver

Wish I had thought of training the squirrels to pick my black Walnuts . . . this is way easier than picking them up off the ground. Maybe I need to buy an ole Chevy pickup!
New Driver

he could try closing the hood.