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Hagerty Employee

This factory-crated 1982 Honda CBX shows that originality is still king

Over the last couple of years, several new-in-crate motorcycles have popped up for sale and sold for big money. As bike values overall have been increasing, the crated values have followed, climbing exponentially. Maybe you think a storing away a motorcycle still in its original wrapper is a form collecting, or, perhaps, cruel abuse to an innocent bike. Either way, a bike still in its shipping crate is a time-capsule preservation of how the machine looked when it left the factory, even if the machine’s intended purpose—for a rider to enjoy it—was never fulfilled.


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One of those cars too far ahead of its time. But predicting the future. Be cool to see a write up on those ground breaking cars.

Intermediate Driver

I actually owned two CBXs. Honda dumped previous model years CBX inventory in mid winter. My local dealer had a sale on them for about $2,400 brand new.

On the plus side, great smooth power and sound, excellent "straight-line" brakes.

On the minus side, engine block leaks oil, wont start below 50 deg F, long crankshaft is like a giroscope combined with flexi-flyer frame (don't use the brakes on an off-ramp).

Did not keep it very long. Years later I got nostalgic and bought a nice used CBX, rode it for a while, but the same gremlins were there. Great window dressing though ... Gary


Back in the 80's I handled claims for motorcycle insurance companies, and was in many  dealerships. The profit on motorcycles was very low, something like $100 if memory serves. As one dealer told me "we don't sell motorcycles, we buy service customers." Consequently, it was not unusual for dealers to have quite a few 2 or 3 year-old bikes still in the crate as the dealer considered them to be current models and sold them as such, even though they had been produced a few years earlier. I can easily see how a bike could become forgotten and sit on a back shelf for years.