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Hagerty Employee

This fabulous Fiat is the Dino you can still afford

Ferrari Dinos have rocketed in value in recent years, but if you don’t mind a Fiat badge there’s a Dino to be had at a fraction of the cost ... Read the full article on


Hagerty Employee
Hagerty Employee

Hagerty did a story on the Fiat a few years ago, along with a couple of other roadsters of the era:

I don't consider a collectible with an asking price of over $100k to be one "you can still afford."   Coupes for 50k are not plentiful and usually need work.   Project coupes start at $30k and up.


Hmmmm.....  The convertible looks great until you get to the front.  The pontoon fenders, the grill and the lights just don't look right somehow.  Might be interesting to see how a current designer might change that front end.  On the other hand Giugiaro nailed it!  Love the coupe.   


Now, If I found a project, particularly one with a bad engine or transmission, I'd just have to give it a small block V8 transplant with a modern 5 or six speed tranny.  Probably a Ford 302, because of the short deck and width, and ease of building an inexpensive 347 that would make over 400 hp and 400 lb ft of torque and drive it till the differential cried for mercy!  


That would be a blast! 🙂


Interesting bit of automotive history. Beautiful car, except for the headlights.


Affordable at $145,600.  ha ha ha ha ha ha


Ah, the fun of a Ferrari with the quality of a Fiat.  Um... no.

Intermediate Driver

Although I lusted after the Fiat Dino as a teenager in the 1970s (when they were affordable), I would like to make the case for the 308 as a much more affordable and IMHO a more attractive option. At least there are good 308s which have been well maintained, something I can’t say for the Fiat Dinos.

Having said that, anyone who has heard the sound of the Dino engine would not wish for an engine swap.


There's an episode of Wheeler Dealers where they restored one of these. If you watch it, you'll be shocked at what the bought (and sold) it for. Would make you wish you had been the buyer.