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Hagerty Employee

This Demon-killing VW Beetle is born in Canada

Forget murder hornets. Canada appears to be infested with Death Beetles.


Marcel Horn, president of Canada’s HPA Motorsports, is chasing down the details. “There’s something just not quite right there with the shift to second gear, just a slight hesitation I’m not happy with yet.”


Then he unleashes 705 hp and 790 lb-ft of torque of twin-turbocharged fury against the pavement, rocketing forward and leaving our spleen twirling gently in a cloud of dust fifty feet behind us ... Read the full article on


Pit Crew

Very impressive!  I’m not a fan of the Beetle, but I bet that thing is an absolute blast to drive! 

New Driver

It is so cool!   and Porsche performance without the Porsche price tag.



Intermediate Driver

Awesome looking Beetle.  The truth is, if your pocket is deep enough you can make any car faster than the fastest.  Demon is that fast from the factory and wouldn't take much to dominate this car.

wow, this made me so wet, while reading it.