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Hagerty Employee

This concours-quality 1970 Buick GSX wins medals while resurrecting memories | Hagerty Media

Buick built 678 GSXs in 1970. 187 of them were sprayed in Apollo White. Larry Lyons owns one. In 1965, a young Lyons enrolled at the General Motors Institute in Flint, Michigan, selecting the Automotive Mechanical Engineering program (or as the students called it "M.E. Hot Rod").

Love the GSX. The color is great on this one.
Intermediate Driver

A 17 year old girl showed up at our local ‘run what you brung’ strip near East St. Louis in her Daddy’s new GSX. She was supposed to be at the library. I chatted it up with her hoping to get more than a ride...anyway she had never raced. I told her ‘ hold your foot on the brake, give it a little gas, when the light turns green let go of the brakes and floor it...and point it down the track’. She went on to beat car after car including my ‘70 AMX. Never saw her again. I will never forget she beat my friend’s Hemi Road Runner!

Gorgeous and fast! That GSX Emblem looks a lot like the GNX one.

Dear God when I saw this it brought back memories of when my father and I were at the local Buick dealer looking to purchase a new car for him. In the show room was a Apollo white GSX Stage 1 automatic, black interior just like this one. Sat in it and said to myself wow what a great car, then said to my father this would be a great car to buy........his response was....yea it`s a nice car but it only has "2 doors", needless to say he did not buy it. If I had a time machine I would go back in time with the "cash in my hand" and hand it to him and would say...... buy this car.

A friend of mine had a 70 GS455. No stage 1, or GSX. It was a convertible, also had just those 9.5" drum brakes that GM loved, and no H/D suspension, no rear sway bar. But It did have operational hood scoops, and it was insanely fast! Easily as fast as another friends 69 Chevelle 454, and a bit faster than another another friends 70 Mach1 Boss351 (yes it had a Boss 351). But. BUt. BUT, it was the most dangerous car! No braking from the 120+ speeds it could go so easily. No ability to turn when the road suddenly went left. Sadly, it met its fate rear-ending a Dodge Dart. (not at 120! More like 40.) Absolutely the gentleman's muscle car!
Intermediate Driver

Beautiful. Great looking machine. Sadly, todays Buick's, and other makes and models, don't reflect that same beauty these great cars did. 😠
New Driver

I also own a white 1970 GSX Stage 3. I was lucky enough to purchase a set of Stage 3 heads from Kenne-Bell in 1975 and they were installed by Doug Jones while I was working in Alaska. It is the only Stage 3 GSX known to exist. Vehicle currently has 69,105 original miles. The vehicle was just returned to me a few days ago after a full restoration, but too late to attend the 50th GSX Reunion in Bowling Green. The restoration shop dyno indicated over 500 horsepower. The GSX will stay in the family; my daughter is the gearhead in the family and she will enjoy the car.