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Hagerty Employee

This collection of Corvairs wasn't the grouping I expected | Hagerty Media

As I sit at my garage workbench that also serves as my desk during the summer months, the white 1965 Corvair that I love so much is nothing more than a background prop during Zoom meetings. Well, maybe that's a bit harsh. It also reminds me of the unfinished state I've left it in for nearly two years.
Advanced Driver

I've always had a soft-spot for Corvairs, and almost got one for my "Retirement Project".

The first two cars I ever drove were Corvairs, so the attachment to them is strong. Mom's first one was a '64 Monza, and after my sister was rear-ended in it, it was traded for a new '67 Monza. Both had the 110HP engine and a Powerglide, and weren't very fast, but they did teach me a lot about handling. A friend's older brother had a 140HP Monza with a 4-spd, and it would scoot around amazingly well. I think the replacement air cleaner and headers into true dual exhaust helped some, and I know he surprised quite a few musclecars.

So get out that welder and get makin' some sparks! Get that baby back on the road and DRIVE it!

- Jim
Pit Crew

That Corsa looks exactly like my 65 that I owned as a late teenager. Same color paint and top. I would not be surprised if it has a tannish color interior. I loved that car but in Detroit ( as with most northern cities) the salt just ate them up. We are talking 1968 or so and it was already bubbling in the rocker panels and under the front bumper. But that was how it was in those days and that’s why people turned in their cars every few years ( or spent all their free time mixing up bondo lol). Always wanted to find one. I ended up selling it back to the original owner around 1970 -he was a designer at GM and told me he hated what GM would be selling in a few years and was buying back all the favorite cars he had owned. Drove it around the block and handed me a check for asking price and drove it away. Ended up leaving GM to open a hot air balloon business. Still remember his name after 50 years. Linden Harding. If you’re out there Linden what did you end up doing to our Corvair?