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This British hair stylist wrenches on his devilish Jaguar "Beelzebub" with the patience of a saint | Hagerty Media

Lee Morrison is not your typical hack mechanic. Dressed in vintage suits and handmade shoes, the British ladies' hair stylist says he actually hates to get his hands dirty. Take at look at his Instagram videos detailing the numerous repairs on his 1984 Jaguar XJ12 and you wouldn't know it, though.
Intermediate Driver

I have an XJ12C. It is not a running car at this time. It's a restoration project. I understand Lee Morrison. I don't like to get my hands dirty either. That's why I have an ample supply of disposable nitrile gloves.
Intermediate Driver

Okay, this guy is completely nuts, bonkers, twisted, flip city and so on. I own one of these wonderful machines and couldn't imagine doing any of these repairs on the street with a floor jack and jack stands. I'm not sure how he got the spring out of the front suspension, you need a special Jaguar tool that's about 2 1/2 feet long that fishes up the center of the spring from the bottom and then you can remove the spring seat pan from the lower A arm and relax the spring, he's either got the tool or he's lucky not to have a spring embedded in his head. These are great cars and ooze a quiet sophistication, though without a lift and a full set of proper tools they will eat you alive, starting at your wallet.
New Driver

What a fantastic article on a completely sane and thoroughly upstanding member of the community. Over here we all dress like this (unless we're feeling sporty in Fila or Tachini) and not just on Sundays I can assure you.
I completely get it dear chap, I have the same affliction with my Sov V12, albeit I am lucky enough to have some space at my works warehouse to keep me warm on my covid resto shenanigans.. . Top marks on driving from Nottingham to Brighton, is that daily? I loved to know the fuel bills, but it matters not, what matters is the old girl your using. My own bottomless pit has soaked up at least 1 1/2 times its "new" purchase price but you don't buy a chariot like this and worry about such trivial matters as cash. What matters is keeping the old girl and that feeling alive.
I'm going to find your salon in Brighton and, one day, when my own old dear Sov V12 is back up and running, with rebuilt V12 and 5 speed box I'm going to pop down the M23 for an 1980's wedge and an espresso, double of course. Top marks Lee.

Hey, Hagerty Community! Let's send this guy a 1995 Caprice 9C1. He can remove the Chevy body and drop the Jacked-you-are body on a reliable chassis. Then, he can indulge his body, paint and trimming skills to his heart's content. The first photo is typical, a Jag next to a pay phone. Not visible are various vital fluids slowly oozing onto the tar macadam...
Community Manager

I like the way you're thinking. 


Hagerty needs to create a “Wrench of the Year” award, and 

Mr. Morrison should be first winner. 

Community Manager

I second this! 


I would third that!

License-plate frame seen at a Jaguar meet: "Ah, but when it runs..."
He's not only a Saint, but a Masochist too.

A Jaguar owner once told me "This is not a car for someone who has to be some place at a certain time. Every morning when I turn the key I feel a little thrill as I think 'what will happen today?' "
Advanced Driver

While everyone is having a laugh at how unreliable this car is, recall that its nearly 50 years old and sits outside in the miserable weather (see photos). A Volkswagen would likely be the same. I can tell you my first car, a Datsun, fell apart entirely in 5 years of this treatment. Is it any worse than any other car of this vintage?
Intermediate Driver

Ummm, nearly 40 years old, actually. But your point is spot on!
Intermediate Driver

With all the work that this bloke does on his Jag, it would be wonderful if he were able to have a decent place to do his work. Even just a small carport where he's spared sparring with the elements. Kudos to him for what he is accomplishing, in spite of his working conditions.

My XJ12L almost cured me of cars the second time I had the heads off. It was like owning the Golden gate Bridge - as soon as you were finished it was time to start again at the beginning.

But, Oh when it ran...!!!!


If I was a hair stylist listening to women and their stories all day, I would be out in the snow working on my car as well. If one is in hell all day a little snow is welcome.

His uniforms are to die for.
New Driver

You're definitely an inspiration to this 1986 Jaguar XJ6 owner. Working on the car in the street and dealing with the elements and this being your only car. Keep up the great work! I bought mine in Oct. of 2019 from the original owner and it has under 26,000 miles on it. It sat for about 10 years before I bought it and wasn't running. I did have it running 4 weeks later, it had a bad fuel pump among other fuel related issues. The paint is original and has a lot of crazing, but I'm going to leave it that way for now, the interior looks like new. I really feel these cars are undervalued and hopefully that will change soon.

Why does a hair stylist need a briefcase ?