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Hagerty Employee

This bare-metal homage to Indy roadsters was built, wrecked, and lovingly resurrected

You'll see all kinds of eclectic creations at Bonneville Speed Week. Competitors range from minuscule motorcycles to gargantuan semi-trucks. What you may not be prepared for, however, is the amazing variety of cars driven by the spectators-or, in this case, by an SCTA tech inspector.
Intermediate Driver

Glad they got the comments working again. Small world. In 2012 I had Cornfield Customs install a 5-speed in my ’49 Chevrolet. And I grew up in Sunbury in the 50s. There were 3 traffic lights in the town then.
Community Manager

Thanks for your patience as we worked to fix commenting!

   This is a very cool car.  I love Indy Car racing, but I have the best love for the Indy racers of the '60s, I think.  Followed closely by the F-1 cars of the same time.  Of course, it's probably a product of the era in which I started to appreciate road course racing.  I've always been more partial to open-wheel race cars than "stock body" cars.  So this vehicle fits right in with my visions of what Indy Cars should look like.  The "look" is vintage, but the build takes advantage of a blend of modern tech and streetability.  I'd drive the wheels off it as long as weather permitted!  Nice job!

Intermediate Driver

Intermediate Driver

What about number 98, "Ol' Calhoun," the car that Parnelli Jones drove that struck fear in the hearts of all USAC racers? The cars of that era were handmade works of art, from the chassis to the paint.

Great to see this special car out on the salt. Next summer I'm hoping to get my 1969 Shelby GT350 in the 130 or 140 Mile Club.
New Driver

The eject switch is a nice touch. Just wonder if it was put in before or after the accident.
Intermediate Driver

Interesting that oil tank is placed on right side of car. Must have been a design issue not allowing to be placed in its correct position on left side
Intermediate Driver

In 2020, seeing this car, and all the other very cool spectator rat rods, was one of the main motivations for me to come back and finish my Jaguar m-powered Jeepster hot rod! I will be there in 2022 with it, so come talk to me if you see it!

That car is gorgeous. Love all the details on it.