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Hagerty Employee

This $950K Corvette C7.R might be a bargain, and here's why | Hagerty Media

Even with the C8.R's spectacular first season on the endurance circuit, we can't help feeling nostalgic for the monster that was the C7.R. If you're a dedicated motorsports or Chevrolet collector, and you're feeling the same way, now might be the perfect time to capture a piece of Corvette racing history.

Good luck finding a buyer for this car. Unlikely to ever be used as a street car - and it's no longer a "cutting edge" racer now that the C8 is being raced.
Pit Crew

The article stated those facts but also more to the point it discussed the provenance of the vehicle and ones similar to it that have been sold over the years with a good track record. The value in this car is just that. Not whether or not it is cutting edge like C8 or can be turned into a street car. Hagerty is about enthusiasts and collector cars more than cutting edge cars and I can see why they ran this article.
There's plenty of money out there. Obscene money. Pro sports money, entertainment money, hedge fund money, oil money, even Kardashian money. The Kardashians would spend this much on a plastic surgery party or a kindergarten graduation.
Hopefully some of the money floating around out there appreciates a finely developed C7.

Though I'm a die hard BMW fan and was often crushed when it whupped my team, I agree with Chris. This is a valuable monster of a winning race car, and it deserves the respect.
Intermediate Driver

This car was a cutting edge car when it came out

I'd buy a C7, or a C6, but NEVER a C8. Perfectly contented with my non-computer C4 though.
New Driver

Non computer C4.  What did you do - fit it with a carburetor and an old school distributor?    How did you make the instrumentation function?   Late C3s as well as every Corvette produced beyond that have on board computers.  

New Driver

Definitely museum worthy. I'd pay ten bucks to look at it up close.
Advanced Driver

Would it help me cut a few tenths off my time at Watkins Glen? I believe my problem has been kindly described as 'old man and the C".

I'm looking to deeply annoy my neighbors... what is the monthly payment?? GOFUNDME?? Perhaps I can pull this off!!! #FUNXTDR
Pit Crew

Wish it was within my budget- it'd be in the garage! Just a lovely piece of history and then that SOUND!!! Nothing like the bark of a race prepped small block (unless it's a big block). Corvette didn't cheat (like Porsche) by relocating their engines and still calling it a production based vehicle - and they still beat up on Stuttgart's teams. I like the new C8 Vette (good job Tadge!) but I also love, and plan to keep enjoying for a long time, my C7/M7/Z07 Grand Sport. I've owned 911's in the past (a 944 and 2 993's) but nothing I've ever driven has the corner grip, balance and braking of the Grand Sport. And then there's that SOUND! Hopefully the new owner of this C7R will take this machine out on track frequently so that racing fans can see and hear it bellow for many years to come.

Intermediate Driver

In FM7 the car is a beast, its beautiful, and has that American Muscle soundtrack. I really want to make a replica

Guess I'm getting old but buying an old race car just to say you have it makes no sense to me, especially at those prices. Better to have something I can drive & take to shows & show off. I love seeing the smiles on all the faces when they see an old car, especially the kids. This car belongs in a racing museum because of its history & that I'm all for.

What's your commission on the sale?
Intermediate Driver

Maybe it is a driver. Picture # 42 has a button marked "A/C" and I thing that is an A/C compressor next to the alternator in picture # 31.

That's an awful lot of money for a used car with a lot of hard miles on it.
Intermediate Driver

Wonder how many are opting out because it doesn't have a manual gearbox? : )) Love to have it parked in my garage but it's way beyond my bank account. The wife would probably complain about the passenger seat as well.

I don't know, may B the most pleasing to my eye since the C-1 '56 - '60 (only). Didn;t like any other models (but course the '63 split) hated the mako shark, C4, 5, 6 disappointing (now were talkin 'fashion' here, no logics in it). Seven hit a good spot for me (in my 'ol man yrs'?) & 8 is kinda space ship like the down fall of the Italian in late'70s / early 80s till now...
Who wants ta know? who cares my opinion? just my kids - but I can spout off, no?

This will sell fast. Only a few of the Pratt and Miller cars were sold and they had no trouble finding a buyer. 

The cool thing is often these cars get bought by collectors that not only collect but bring them to shows and historic races for laps where people who never got to see them run or hear the thunder get their chance, 


Chip Miller has the Earnhardt C5.R from Daytona and he takes it to many events. 

If these cars are not collected they would vanish in a warehouse somewhere and just rot away. 

Old race cars have really taken off in the last 20 years and has saved many rare cars that would not be with us today. 


The Viper Lemans cars were more successful...


Not even a Million; Such a DEAL!

Truthfully, it actually IS a Deal. You get The Car, The Pedigree, The History, The "Last OF...', and, well, it's a Screaming Yellow 'Vette in your garage. Some have pointed out that P&M cars to come up too often, for a lot of reasons; pre-sold, used-up, promised out, and then there's the pesky, "We just don't want anybody to see what we're up to..."

Instead of the "Only 200mi" GT-40's, or any of the myriad low-mile Exotics from Italy, Germany, Great Britain, or even from here in the States, this Baby had been Around, and Around Some More!

Somebody will buy it, take it home, study up on it, consult some past Drivers, get an Owner's Manual from P&M, some Touch-Up Paint and Floor Mats from the Parts Department, and have an absolute BLAST with this .44 Magnum of an automobile...

Bruce's shop is about 4 blocks from my old house; think I'll mosey on down and kick the tires...