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Hagerty Employee

This 827,000-mile DeLorean Time Machine replica is a star in its own right | Hagerty Media

Oliver Holler shouldn't be here at the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance or anywhere else, for that matter-not if the doctors had been correct. When he was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2001, he was given six months.
Intermediate Driver

Way to go Oliver. Don't EVER let ANYone stop you from living your life. I too was diagnosed with nearly always fatal esophagus cancer in 2008. And you know what I have done to reward myself? I started attending Amelia Island Concours! Had many great times there. Greatest show to attend if you have one to choose. That grey hotel in background one of my friends stayed at that flew over from Shanghai to attend the show with me. Sadly, this year I am not there today. But hope to be back in the future.

BRAVO is all I can say
Pit Crew

I spent 3 years building a 1/8 scale replica and fitting it out with electronics. The car is amazing and I have the same dream, to create a full size replica. Bravo! The Michael J. Fox foundation is a worthy cause and I can think of no better way to support it. Congratulations on beating cancer and everything you have accomplished since. Life is short, live your dreams. Cheers!

An exceptional use for a fun project. Charity is right up there with fun to give your life meaning. "Good thoughts, good words, good deeds."
New Driver

What a great couple! I'm a 17 year cancer survivor now dealing with Parkinson's, so I can relate. Wish they would drive to the Pacific Northwest!

What a great story. I love these cars and will soon be looking for a DeLorean I can upgrade with a Ford Ecoboost engine and some of the neon and digital displays on the movie car.

The husband of one of my cousins has Parkinson's. Thank you for what you're doing for him.
Pit Crew

This car is amazing (the occupants are amazing too)... We drive the AIOB in a let's say "SPIRITED" fashion. This ultra high mileage attention grabber (you might get more attention if you dressed up like Ronald McDonald and drove around in an Oscar Meyer Wiener-Mobile) had no problem keeping up with the fleet of Porsches and various other sports cars on the twistiest of twisties. It was a riot to ride behind them through the little towns of Appalachia and watch people do double takes and spit takes. All for a great cause as well. Parkinson's hits home for me: My friend Kerry Sinclair died from complications of Parkinson's Disease. The Michael J Fox Foundation wants to go out of business... That will mean Parkinson's Disease is defeated.
Intermediate Driver

I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at the age of 13. My parents were told that I would not graduate from high school. I am now almost 74 and I still don't understand how my doctors would know I wouldn't graduate from high school. (Just kidding.)

What a great couple and a great, heartwarming story. Congratulations Oliver. Well done! May you live many days into the future!!! Also, I really hope that you met Michael J. Fox. I hear he's a terrific person!
New Driver

827,000 miles on a DeLorean? Wow, wish there was a bit more commentary on how this is even possible... how many engine/suspension rebuilds, etc.

I'm sure they are experts in the DeLorean driveline as well as the movies. Thankfully all the running gear parts are commonly available, you just have to know what makes and models John Z. sourced them from.
Intermediate Driver

Have they hit 88 miles per hour with the time circuits engaged?? I think it would work as a time machine.
Advanced Driver

I can only pray I will do 1/100th of what the Hollers have done with the time I have. Life is what you make of it, keep generating smiles with your awesome DeLorean!
Advanced Driver

Love the movies, love the actor, love the car and more so the story and foundation. Keep on driving.
Intermediate Driver

I love the Delorean cars, and it is on my list if I can ever get the mortgage paid off! I was diagnosed with cancer in 2011. Based on the statistics, I had between 2 and 5 years to live. But, praise be to God, I am still going strong and my doctor says there is no reason I won't live another 20 years! Maybe one day I can go to a car show and park next to the Hollers!
Pit Crew

Great story. One of my favorite movies as I was 16 when it came out.

Pit Crew

Outstanding Mr. Oliver. What a great job you are doing. And Michael J. Fox, he lives about 5 miles from me. I do see him occasionally in a small town nearby. Great guy, just like one of the locals.

Intermediate Driver

Great story!!

19+ years Cancer survivor. I had it in 2001-2002. Bought my Supra after beating it. Time-Machine Delorean's are such silly things and that is why we love them. Love the owner's positive outlook on life.
Pit Crew

Great down to earth couple. I met them a few years ago during the Celebration Exotic Car Festival, FL, and they were a pleasure to meet. They had great things to say about the Delorean owners there. Being a Delorean owner myself, its great to see such ambassadors for a the cause and see them again on another adventure I see.

A great story about good people.