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This $80K S2000 shows that rare, perfect-condition cars are still commanding big bucks

There is a lot of uncertainty in the world right now. We’ve touched on what the coronavirus pandemic means for the global car market, but the situation for many auction companies is sink or swim. Live auctions that were planned for spring or summer have been postponed until the fall or moved to online-only, as is the case with RM’s Palm Beach auction in late March and its upcoming Essen auction in June.


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Replies (2)

Replies (2)

Never heard of the CR, and certainly not a fan of that wing, but I do like the S2000 in general.  I am not surprised that they are well-valued nowadays.

Intermediate Driver

Nice to see the S getting the recognition it deserves. Back in 2000 the S had the most powerful normally aspirated engine to date. 2L, 4 Cyl, 240 BHP. Wow! I own number 126 of the 2000 year model S. It is completely stock right down to the original brakes. Within the last two years I had thought of selling the S on Bring A Trailer but thankfully came to my senses before listing. With only 60,000 miles, she's just getting broken in!