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Hagerty Employee

This $50,000 Toyota Chinook camper truck was a labor of restoration love

The great outdoors is perhaps more appealing now than in any time in recent memory. For a lot of people, it’s the perfect time to buy (or sell) a camper.


Even prior to the recent pandemic, the popularity of camper vans has been at an all time high in the past few years. The craze started with the resurgence of the Volkswagen Westfalia, with its personality and retro-styling inspiring adventure. When some, more ambitious types realized that you couldn’t actually do much with them, they moved on to more utilitarian campers like, budget-breaking custom Mercedes Sprinter 4x4s. What about something in between, though? Where can you find a retro camper with loads of character but also the practicality and reliability to cross the continental divide? Enter the Toyota Chinook.


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