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This 5-car “time capsule” of 1980s exotics is for sale

Looking like the vehicles purchased for a never-filmed episode of Miami Vice, a pristine collection of five choice late-1980s and early-1990s exotics is up for grabs. Miami-based Curated is hosting the sale. Many of the vehicles have just a couple of thousand miles or less, with all five coming from the same single-owner preservation collection. Each wears either a mirror-like black or a luminous white finish, which should make help them go slightly incognito amid Miami’s bright-colored car scene ...


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The only thing I don't like about these cars is that the Countach is the butt ugly anniversary edition, and that the Mercedes looks like about a hundred gangsta style clapped out Mercedes driving around in any large city. Love the other cars on the list.


I agree with Iso Grifo; the Mercedes is overdone and looks like one did a major drug deal.

Lamborghinis have always been outre, so are these, it was part of Alessandro's philosophy.

I wish the collector well, hope he gets decent prices for his cars. Thank you for this.


Proof that there's no better way to make a car look pedestrian than to paint it black or white. 


About 20 years ago I was given the opportunity to drive an Esprit X180R for the day. It was owned by my brothers employer who had loaned it to him for a few days. I remember the racing seats being very uncomfortable and the rotated RPM gauge was annoying. Also, in true Lotus style, the Lucas electronics would act up occasionally while driving, triggering every warning light. No worries though, as simply turning the car off and then on again “fixed” it. Still, it was very fun to drive and at the time there were very few cars on the road that could out accelerate it.


One of the things that I love about many cars from the 1980's is that they offer great handling and dependability while being relatively easy to service and repair.  None of the cars listed above look that easy to service or repair.  Thanks anyway.