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Hagerty Employee

This 41-foot 1984 Apache race boat sold for $401K-here's why it's worthy

A legendary offshore racing boat recently sold at auction for a price that's reflective of its fame. The 41-foot 1984 Apache Warpath, which won that year's American Power Boat Association World Championships, changed hands for $401,000 on Bring a Trailer. It's a little more difficult to put a price on the boat's story.
Intermediate Driver

I had a friend who wrenched and raced these in L.A. back in the day, mid through late 1980s. He and his two team mates were in the lead, caught a wave wrong, and the boat flipped and disintegrated with all lives lost.

Frankly I loved that he was interested in this, and dumped tons of money into his expensive hobby, but it never appealed to me.

Side note: he told me that if I wanted a fast boat for calm waters, go for the catamaran.
New Driver

We had the pleasure of photographing Warpath for Bring a Trailer. It was a wild day and a truly amazing boat. I'm a big history guy, but prior to the shoot, I knew very little about offshore racing - talk about the wild west!
New Driver

There was an offshore powerboat race in Traverse City that year I believe. World class event. Helicopters and all. It would be interesting to know if it competed that weekend.

I appreciate boats but I have never wanted to own one. "Two supercharged, 1000-hp, 572-cubic-inch V-8 engines" is just crazy to think of but probably not in today's crowd.

I saw a demonstration run in the '60s of a hydroplane with a 2,300 hp Allison V-12. It was pretty impressive running up the Tennessee river to Knoxville. He turned around and was just getting the "rooster tail" back up when he hit a log. As far as I know, that engine is still at the bottom of that river.

How much cocaine did it smuggle?
Advanced Driver

Equivalent to about 6 DeLoreans.
Advanced Driver

Twin thousand horsepower V8s and the video is almost completely a Boston instrumental track. What idiot made that decision?
Pit Crew

What a lame video. Cruising around Biscayne Bay and running back and forth in Government Cut at 25 knots may have aggravated those anchored blowboaters but it's not what this boat was built for. How about some offshore footage?

Everything I know about power boats I got from Blue Thunder, the book about Don Aronow. An amazing story about an amazing man who was shot to death on the street surrounded by the businesses he founded. And I'm sure all boats have steering and throttle controls separated from each other.
Intermediate Driver

I hated the video. First as someone already said, nice guitar music, but I wonder what the engines sound like. Second, could you please add another 50 one second clips to the video sequence. Those 4 second ones get boring after switching scenes the for 25th time.
I like it better when you jump between scenes before I can focus my eyes on the one I'm watching.

Why are we venerating 50 gallons an hour and disruption of sea life? When we see characters with things like this and one gallon per knot cigarette boats, all we think of are daddy's boys with often as not wearing lifts, requiring boner pills. An old woman can sit on her arse and push a gas pedal.
Try a sailing boat, let alone any 12-meter sailing yacht or Vestas Sailrocket 2.
Meanwhile, speed is relative, and there's a reason some of us are drawn to vintage cars free of automatic transmission, power brakes, power steering, power windows, cupholders and "sound systems."
It's called charm, with subsets elegance, understatement, elan, and yes, even speed.

More boats, more boats!

and it can still out run a Helicopter,