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Hagerty Employee

This 39-car barn-find is a dream come true for Camaro and Chevelle lovers

At this point there are two types of people: Those who can't get enough barn-find stories, and the burned-out skeptics who just don't get as excited about dust-covered discoveries as they used to. I have to admit that most of the time I fall into the second camp.

The man had not only means and space, but a fair amount of taste, too.
Advanced Driver

At this point there are two types of people: Those who love cars and those who don't.
Advanced Driver

Much preferred to the 'collection' of cars and parts left to rot because the owner says he'll 'get to them sometime' and never wants to sell anything. That person then dies and the parts and cars goes to scrap because it isn't any good and has done NO-ONE any good that could have used them. I've passed almost all my projects off that I knew I wouldn't do. Kept the minimal for the car I currently have. You have to feel bad for the newer cars that didn't get saved because few thought they were worthy of saving and the aftermarket didn't support (mid 70's-late 80's). I can appreciate almost ANYTHING these days, 4 door, big cars, foreign econoboxes, whatever, because they ain't makin' em anymore. How many of today's cars will there be for the enthusiast? New parts aren't being supported long enough. Electronics especially will be hard to fix and find. Today is being called another golden age of performance cars, but how will they be kept running?

I wish someone would just officially retired the term "barn find", since it has been diluted to the point of having no meaning. First off, you can't have a "find" unless it is first "lost". Nothing here would fall under that category.

By Hagerty's extremely loose definition, I should alert you to a 300 car barn find at a place called Grunion Auto Wreckers, with cars that have been hidden behind a chain link fence next to a crane and a building for years.

There's also a barn find 2006 Monte Carlo that I rediscover every morning as I hop into it and take it out of it garage-kept slumber and fire it up after lying dormant for almost 10 hours. We can arrange for the article and photo shoot any time.

Intermediate Driver

You're reading my mind..  I've got a 'barn find' out back - Four Hudson pickups (newest is a '46), all in very dire need of attention - waiting for their current owner (that's me) to scrape-up enough money (and energy)..
In the meantime, they're 'lost', as least as far as the outdated 'term' defines it..  

Intermediate Driver

Amazing, I'm grateful for all of those still preserving as much of the original stuff for future restoration. Much of the muscle car history has been lost on the racetrack and engines stuffed into boats and trucks. It's refreshing to see a stash like this.
Intermediate Driver

Truly incredible amount of parts, and it's great they will now be available for use.
Pit Crew

These “finds” are very sad when the owners are old and or deceased and they never focused their efforts on assembling at least one nice looking running car. Sure there is dollar value here, due to circumstances, but was the dream that drove this collection of stuff ever fulfilled?
I often see the same with pilots and their aircraft. Valuable planes would spend lifetimes stuffed away in the support of an unrealized dream of “flying her one more time”.
Advanced Driver

Agree with Copbait73 on the very large, if not compulsively acquired, car collections.
So much research, time and money spent, apparently with no final plan for completion.
Also... very familiar with the "tied down" and pretty much abandoned aircraft, most of which will never fly, with some sporting "see through" wings. They used to be everywhere!

Definitely a form of hoarding, no question about that. Sad.

Erm, that’s not a barn find, boys. That’s what you call a HOARD! Wow. Thank you for documenting this stash. Video was a bit too long in the tooth (how long do we need to see a pile of Z blocks?) but I praise you for your slow, smooth camera work. Something Mr. Brutt the mopar archeologist could learn from. It must have been an exhausting 13 days, but MAN! A trip to Camaro Disney World, and you brought home all the toys. I’m a Dodge guy. Thanks for including the shots of the 69 B5 Bee. For the record, I think the 69 RS SS 4 speed Camaro was the finest car GM produced. I’d gladly add one to my garage next to my 1970 Superbee. White with orange stripes and interior, please!

I often view American Pickers on TV. Some of these Hoarders are in the later years of their lives, refuse to sell parts or whole cars and will leave this earth and their treasures to relatives who will give or throw them away.

"I edit these videos"....So the footage of driving between the sites was a deliberate decision??

Just shows what we already knew: We are not on this earth long enough to complete all of our projects!

The "wanting" is better than the "having."
Advanced Driver

Looks like 5 barns full of biggg and expensiveee projects.
New Driver

This was my husband’s collection. He did complete & sell over 25 cars. I still have some that are finished. I think he loved the hunt to find the perfect fixer-upper & parts. I wouldn’t consider it a “barn find”. He knew exactly what he had & what is was worth. I think this was his idea to have a nest egg for is or me just in case. He died from covid in August & he’d had his shots (but had some underlying conditions) but I think someone else didn’t. Get you shot for you & for those you love.
Intermediate Driver

Very sorry to hear about your husband. I wish these shots had been called something other than a 'vaccine'. because too many people I know have not been protected from the virus with 2 or 3 shots.
Intermediate Driver

And they probably called this guy nuts & wasting his life when he was collecting these 39 examples while accumulating the space, misc parts, time & money for these now cherished memories.
They laughed at me too, when I started collecting my childhood marbles collection, spending similar time & effort in that same type of venture to corner the marble market. I'm nearly at the pinnacle of storing my over 5 billion vintage marble collection in 4 farm building silos and three commercial water towers relocated to my 20 acre property. So, like this car collector & on behalf of all collectors everywhere I gleefully can say "WHOSE LAUGHING NOW"!!!!
New Driver

This marble collection you speak of is way more intriguing than another barn find.

Kinda nice to see something done the way I would do it if I had the opportunity. Refreshing change from the usual "Barn Finds".
New Driver

What is the story on this barn find, was it a one owner and they got tired of restoring them? Amazing find with they were mine.