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Hagerty Employee

This 37-mile Honda S2000 is as close to new as you'll ever find | Hagerty Media

Suppose you're kicking yourself for failing to buy an all-new Honda S2000 when it was introduced for the year 2000. It is rare that a missed opportunity comes around twice, but in the case of this 37-mile S2000, your second chance may have arrived.
Intermediate Driver

Once again , you've left out the Totota MR2 Spyder . These things are really going up in value , concidering Bring a Trailer results . For some reason these cars never get the respect I think they deserve . I retired from Delphi in 04 , a local tool shop in 2013 . I needed a two seat convertible to run around in and was not going to use my C5 . I figured I'd buy a Miata only to discover this Spyder . I never knew they exisisted before my search . They did'nt import that many and I'm really happy with mine and never regretted buying it .