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Hagerty Employee

This 1988 Corvette ZR-1 prototype was salvaged and restored by a Lotus employee

When Chevrolet looked to take its fourth-generation Corvette to the next level of performance, it reached out to Lotus, which was at the time under the GM umbrella. Chevrolet wanted to build a high-powered Corvette with an exotic, world-beating engine, so Lotus took the lead in developing a V-8 unlike any small-block that Chevrolet had ever built.


Around 25 development mules were deployed by Lotus to test this new, “King of the Hill” Corvette and its engine, and only two of them survived in running and driving condition. One is currently up for auction on Cars & Bids. It’s part of the Lingenfelter collection and has all the hallmarks of a development prototype. For example, while it’s equipped with a ZF six-speed manual, it bears the center console of the C4’s Doug Nash 4+3 overdrive transmission and the 315mm-wide rear Goodyear tires have “Not For Sale” molded into the sidewall ... 


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Ken Lingenfelter likes  his historic Corvettes, I'm surprised he's selling this. Maybe he own's the other surviving prototype.

Pit Crew

I am the prototype car of the future.


Don't forget the Phase 1 powered ones out there. 

Advanced Driver

“Tuned Port Injection”...not Induction!!

Community Manager

Oh boy!  I am fixing that now. 

Intermediate Driver

Ken regularly "rotates stock" in his collection.  He's probably had it for awhile, so time to move it out and get something different to take that spot.  From his collection, it wasn't left sitting and rotting either, and should be well prepped for a new owner.

New Driver

35 lbs of oil pressure at 0 rpm. Impressive.

Pit Crew

I find it interesting that they used a low option Corvette for the ZR-1 prototype.