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This 1973 Gremlin perfectly captures the '80s

The Gremlin was AMC's shortcut into the subcompact market. By chopping down the Hornet into a hatchback, AMC was able to offer a lighter, more affordable car while saving on the development of a unique platform or front sheetmetal. The resulting car wasn't as striking as the Javelin-based AMX-GT show car, but we have to admit that it is charming. The Gremlin's only become more appealing since.


This outrageously bold Gremlin, available on Bring a Trailer, reminds us that the tiny platform can still pack an abundance of style and even a V-8 engine.


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Probably the crappiest car I ever owned.  Bought it from my sister-in-law and sold it back to her .....after I hit a deer.

Pit Crew