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Hagerty Employee

This 1973 Gremlin perfectly captures the '80s

The Gremlin was AMC's shortcut into the subcompact market. By chopping down the Hornet into a hatchback, AMC was able to offer a lighter, more affordable car while saving on the development of a unique platform or front sheetmetal. The resulting car wasn't as striking as the Javelin-based AMX-GT show car, but we have to admit that it is charming. The Gremlin's only become more appealing since.


This outrageously bold Gremlin, available on Bring a Trailer, reminds us that the tiny platform can still pack an abundance of style and even a V-8 engine.


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Advanced Driver

Sits to high in the rear. Needs to be shackled down.


Hard pass. Other than the paint, this thing looks like something I would have constructed in high school. However, the story behind the car with the paint job would be interesting. 

Pit Crew

Probably the crappiest car I ever owned.  Bought it from my sister-in-law and sold it back to her .....after I hit a deer.

Pit Crew

Given the "basket of snakes" wiring under the hood, can you imagine what it looks like under the dash?


Love it!  I think it would be fun to own a car that when people were sitting next to you at a light, an unstoppable smile would come across their face looking at it.  


I’m interested in it, question is, how much is it going for? 

Intermediate Driver

Sold in '18 on BaT for 3950, currently sitting at 4400 with the auction ending in 2 days.

Yet another classic non-GM car ruined by the installation of another boring SBC.

Advanced Driver

I don't know what '80s anything ever looked like this. It is a used black/black Gremlin that has a tired interior and the wrong engine, sits too high and is just a starter project to redo the entire car. Not impressed at all...


I'm not automatically against putting a small block Chevy in various vehicles, but in this case even the standard 304 Gremlin X was quite the potent little car and it was easy to go upwards in horsepower using all American Motors products. Many an unsuspecting SBC powered vehicle got smoked by a "worked on" 5.0L Gremlin with a little weight over the rear axle. And then there's ones like this one; (SBC lovers need not apply)