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Hagerty Employee

This 1970 Porsche 917K, a Le Mans veteran, could sell for $18M at Monterey 2021 | Hagerty Media

Monterey Car Week is still a few months away, but the possible star of this year's auctions has already been announced. On August 13-14 at the Monterey Conference Center, a genuine Gulf-Porsche 917K that raced at Le Mans in 1970 with John Wyer's legendary Gulf Oil team will come under the hammer.

Should be Leo Kinnunen.

My bucket list is to be behind the wheel of a copy of that car. Unfortunately that one seeped past the leak in my bucket. Enough to make a grown man cry.

More important Porsche.... easy, the first 911 built.... s car still being sold almost 60 years later.
Pit Crew

As a huge 911 fan and owner of a '73 Carrera RS #492 and believing truly that CAR Magazine, who spent a year getting the survey together, found in a comp-
rehensive month by month reduction in their starting list of the greatest CAR of
all time. The result was the Porsche 911 and the greatest 911 of all time is the
'73 Carrera RS 2.7. I agree BUT what made the Porsche BRAND was the wins
on the track and the 917 and it's progeny the ruling class of race cars was the
917 30 CanAm car. The "problem" with 911's is there are so many important ones it is difficult to narrow it down to A SINGLE car? I like the RS but how about the 911R or ??
Pit Crew

Not even close for the record for competition (race) cars at $16-$18M I'm sorry.
The works Mercedes-Benz Formula 1 car from the 1950's sold for as I recollect
about $34M so if the Porsche 917 LeMans car is to hold the record it needs to
sell for about $35M. Great as the car is I don't think it will go for that money in
these times even with the world overflowing with "printing press money" due I
think to the uncertainty being created by the crazed thinking of the O'Biden
Admin. and the meandering statements of the Fed's Powell. However if a cpl
of the over the top "mega" billionaires, people with a $100BLN in assets, want
it maybe the record is in jeopardy as the speculation about the Ferrari GTO at
perhaps $50M+ in the cards, remember a less then top one sold for about $34
million a few years ago? Is a GTO a "competition" car? Of course it is without
question one of the very greatest race cars! So my guess is there will be couple
of mega-aires that want the "greatest" 917 and maybe the GOAT -- Greatest Of
All Time racer and GO FOR IT! Then maybe 9 digits could be in the cards - how
about over $100,000,000 for the GOAT! TClar88