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Hagerty Employee

This 1968 Eldorado ute is the cowboy Cadillac of our dreams | Hagerty Media

We drop by at least once a week to see what kind of interesting project car or vehicular oddity they've managed to sift from the mass of everyday cars and trucks for sale on the web.
Intermediate Driver

As a kid, I remember riding in the back bucket seat of this gen Eldo. It was a dark and lonely place. There was a frequently spotted, light yellow "cowboy Cadillac" (probably the DeVille version), that was used as a daily driver in Denver, during the early 70's. As i recall, you could order one from a dealer. The perfect car for the gentleman rancher.
Pit Crew

Could it have been a Flower Car for a Funeral Director?
(in all Black , of course)
Intermediate Driver

Had a friend that did the same thing to a '73 Chrysler Imperial because he couldn't sell it. He did a beautiful job with a hardwood deck in the bed. He was a professional restorati0n shop, though.