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Hagerty Employee

This 1966 Oldsmobile breaks the 4-4-2 code and looks stellar doing it | Hagerty Media

The 1960s were an interesting time for the naming of automobiles and trucks. Nonsense names like Camaro appeared on dealer lots with the same frequency as conglomerations of letters and numbers. The alphanumerics seem to be winning the battle as of late, but there was one car that pulled off the three-digit code better than any other: The Oldsmobile 4-4-2.
Pit Crew

Jay, about the 1966 4-4-2 horsepower ratings as opposed to the SS-396 Chevelle. There were three RPO's in the SS-396: L35 4bbl was the 325 bhp; L34 4bbl was the 360 bhp in 1966 only. Starting in 1967 the rating dropped to 350 bhp for the same L34 4bbl 396. Top of the heap was RPO L78 4bbl rated at 375 bhp. BTW, this motor was available in the 1965 Corvette where it was rated at 425 bhp. There was also a Z16 396 rated at 375 horsepower in, iirc, 201 1965 SS-396 Chevelles. That motor had a hydraulic lifter camshaft and was nowhere near as radical as the L78 motor.
New Driver

Thanks for the high marks given for a 1966 442. I bought mine new when I got out of the army and have enjoyed it all these years. It is white with a blue convertible top and 2 speed automatic, but it does have factory air conditioning.