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Hagerty Employee

This 1965 Shelby 427 Competition Cobra is a true survivor

It had already been destroyed once before in a dramatic crash, but this '65 427 Cobra escaped disaster for a second time when it ended up in the hands of Jay Leno, who sheltered it from California's raging wildfires. Chassis number CSX 3010, one of the 23 Competition models produced by Carroll Shelby, has a unique history that makes you appreciate the circuitous route that many collectible racing veterans take to a quiet, temperature-controlled abode.


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To be fair most race cars are not original. Racing takes a toll and only racing survivor are cars that raced limitedly. 

As long as as the chassis is as originally was built or raced it should be fine. 

Cars like this it is rare to have an original body, engine, transmission or rear end. Now for each of these that are original it should be rewarded. 

So few of these high dollar cars today are original. Preservation has a price and originality is it. But it also lets us enjoy these cars and get to see them run. 

As Nick !axon was once asked about driving his GTO. Are you not worried about it being damaged? No Man built it so man can repair it! 



"until the recent West Coast wildfires uprooted it and landed it in Jay Leno’s ownership." - Leno does not own the car.  " and the owner secured a refuge for the rare coupe." - Roadster.


Some quick observations. Jay's video shows a Cobra without stripes, a different windshield, and  different upholstery on the drivers seat. The wheels are also different. What's the story?

New Driver

Sorry...not worth 2M.

New Driver

**bleep** Smith Cobra MIGHT BE worth 1.5 Million. It's a much better car. Better history.

New Driver

Original muscle


lovely car, and with the restoration its likely lovely to drive as well. But who could afford to feed that monster as a daily driver unless you are independently wealthy? Moot point I guess since only the wealthy could afford to buy it. But using it for daily use would be a tragic way to enjoy the restored car. Limited street use with some track/autocross events would allow it to be enjoyed as intended and get maximum enjoyment of this seriously historic vehicle. Would love to drive this just once to say I did. 🙂


Life is short and as Brian Redman said to me in 2004 when I arrived at the 2004 Rennsport event at Daytona driving my 1955 Porsche Speedster through the tunnel into the infield "Porsche cars are made to be driven!".  After a full restoration from hell in the mid-nineties We did the Concour circuit with great success but she kept whispering in my ear..."I'm made to be driven"...I did not pause one moment.  I have now logged over 100,000 miles with her and she always delivers an "attitude adjustment" and causes me to focus on her needs she then delivers the "most alive" experiences ever.

So she isn't concour perfect anymore but she remains pretty damn good and makes my heart soar so....   I vote for driving CSX 3010 and "livin' large!"...she will appreciate it too.


Cars are meant to be driven. Otherwise they would have square wheels.

New Driver

Great story of a great car.

Jay, how about two hands on the wheel occasionally in this priceless bucking bronco of a car, no power steering, etc?

If it were MY 2.5 million car "on loan", I would expect a little more attention to its safety!!


But thanks, clearly as close as most of us will ever get to driving a "real" 427 SC.


It will see very few miles on the road, I am sure.