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Hagerty Employee

This 1964 Buick Skylark keeps the convertible love in the family

In July 1964, the “it” car of the moment was the Ford Mustang, but my mother didn’t want a Mustang. She wanted a Buick Skylark convertible. I was too young for a driver’s license when my father and I pulled out of the showroom of Deal Buick in Asheville, North Carolina, in her Marlin Blue Skylark, but it was only a matter of time.


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New Driver

I owned a 65 Buick Special convertible back in the late 70's while in high school. Virtually identical to your Skylark. Beautiful car and a real conversation piece back then. It was the go-to car for crusin' on Friday and Saturday night.  It was always trouble free and never let me down.  I sure do miss it.


Good move, restoring that Skylark.  It is quite pretty in that colour. 


My dad bought a 1964 hardtop, 300-4V, new; it was white over red, with a white bucket seat interior.  It was also his first car with A/C.  No power steering, but he was plenty strong to manhandle the wheel.


A neighbor had a 1965 Skylark convertible, black over yellow, with a black interior.  It was pretty cool, also.

New Driver

You made exactly the right decision- I'm envious!