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Hagerty Employee

This 1961 Jaguar E-Type hides unique factory upgrades and a fascinating history

We are all very ready for 2021 to arrive—mostly, because that means 2020 will be behind us, but also because there are some automotive milestones to celebrate next year. For example, 2021 is the Jaguar E-Type’s 60th birthday, so you can be sure there will be plenty of fanfare for “the most beautiful car in the world” (Enzo Ferrari’s words, not mine). Want to get an early start on the celebratory action? Check out this Jag, up for auction next month. A factory development and press car as well as the tenth production E-Type coupe built, chassis number 860010 crosses the block on October 31 at the RM Sotheby’s London auction.


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Intermediate Driver

Enzo had it down, the best looking car ever built! Even today they look like they are going 120mph when parked, and the curves on the body are to die for.

Intermediate Driver

I owned a '68 roadster.  For 13 months.  I was 21 years old and that car ate my bank account, alive.  Just gorgeous, however.  

Pit Crew

I own one of the last of the series II two seat fixed head coupes and it makes me smile every time I walk into my garage.  It looks great parked and loves to go fast when driven.  The sounds and view out over the bonnet are just amazing.  Maintaining it is pricy, but it has never left me stranded.  Then again, it should be obvious that I am smitten so perhaps my opinion is a tad biased.


9600 HP? Ok, I'll bite. What does that mean or is that a misprint in multiple location in this story.


9600HP was the car’s registration number assigned when new, and which stays with the car for the rest of its life. The alpha suffix actually denotes the county it was registered in, in this case, Warwickshire.


I have had my 1964 3.8  open car now since 1990, meaning I have owned it for more than half of its 56 years. And I will never part with it. My son already has his sights on it, but so long as I am alive it will be in my garage. Its just such a fabulous car to drive and to own. At a recent show and shine, all the 20 year olds in their Japanese drifter machines wanted to see my car. They all called me sir. LOL. Bottom line, if you look after it, its bullet proof and people of all ages are in awe of it. As it should be. As it was when I first saw one.