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Hagerty Employee

This 1954 Chevrolet Corvette is the "gift" that keeps on giving | Hagerty Media

In July 2004, I decided I wanted a get a little car to tinker with. I talked to my wife and started dreaming about an old convertible like an MG, Triumph, or VW. My wife is from Sandpoint, Idaho, and recalled a gentleman there, Paul Kemp, who had a car collection.

I have always loved Corvettes and have owned three (an '80, a '74, and currently a beautiful Lemans Blue '06 convertible). The earliest versions, the '53 and '54 have always been one of my favorite styles. I know the performance is underwhelming and I doubt I could even fit in one comfortably to drive (I'm tall), but the design of these is so gorgeous. They look like a car that a European company (maybe Bmw?) would have built. And I wonder if without Zora these may have went more in the direction of small two seat roadsters (with more powerful I6's) instead of the fire breathing muscle car V8 monsters they evolved into.
Not that there was anything wrong with that direction mind you. It just seemed like the original concept was meant to go in a different direction.
This is also possibly the only black one I have ever seen, simply stunning.
And a shout out to the owner. Who doesn't love a Fedora!