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Hagerty Employee

This 1947 Triumph 1800 roadster is meticulously restored—and regularly enjoyed

When I was young, my dad traded our four-passenger Singer for a 1954 Jaguar XK120. The XK120 remained with us until the late-1960s, but by then, it was too late—I had become a car person.


I moved to San Diego in 1976, and a few years later, I spotted an odd-looking car with a windshield in the trunk, which was quite strange. A closer look revealed folded seats in there, too! Turns out the car was a 1947 Triumph 1800 roadster that was owned by a local who, at one time, was a member of the San Diego Triumph Roadster Club. It found its way to an owner in Calexico, California, who then stored it in my friend’s warehouse. Little did I know that very car would someday be mine ... Read the full article on


Pit Crew

My first car was an 1800 Triumph Roadster and I too converted it to '4 on the floor'. It wasn't fast and it wasn't frugal and it had a habit of boiling its brake fluid but it was a fun drive. Dipping the headlamps meant the rightside one was extinguished and the left was directed downwards with a satisfying clunk from a solenoid. this operation was uncertain and I probably temporarily blinded several other drivers during my ownership.

Love your resto - I still miss mine.