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Hagerty Employee

This 1941 M3 Stuart Tank is a BaT double take | Hagerty Media

What's the deal with military auctions infiltrating Bring a Trailer? No complaints here. The addictively sociable auction house is always full of surprises; however, that typically entails a jaw dropping JDM or record-breaking Duesenberg.

You say "The legend suggests it was nicknamed 'Honey' by Brits due to its relative speed, agility, and reliability in the field." Legend has nothing to do with it - the Brit who evaluated the first one to reach his outfit in North Africa gave it a real workout. When he came back and was asked how it measured up, he said "It's a real Honey, Sir." The name stuck.
His name was Bob Crisp and he recorded these details in a memoir named "Brazen Chariots."
Advanced Driver

Honey, I flattened the mailbox backing out of the driveway. Oh, and a mail truck. And quite possibly our postman.