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Hagerty Employee

This 17-mile 1997 Viper GTS just set an auction record for second-gens | Hagerty Media

First-gen Dodge Vipers aren't the only members of the Viper family etching their place in record books. This second-gen, 1997 GTS with a mere 17-miles recently sold on Bring a Trailer for $116,000 (buyer's fees included), surpassing its #1-condition (Concours) value by 50 percent. Let's break down this eye-watering result.
Intermediate Driver

this is the part of car collecting that drives normal humans batty. An absolutely insane car, begging to be driven, with a ready audience waiting to admire it out on the road. Instead it sat still, tucked away for 20+ years. Now it exceeds the means of the average interested party, will likely never be driven in earnest and didn't net the original buyer anything in the process. The original sticker was $120-$130m.
What's the point?
Advanced Driver

While I agree with your points, you are way off on the original price....sticker was $70k all in when new.
Intermediate Driver

Rolling art, but that baby begs to be driven. I have a 2005 Copperhead that just turned 87K miles. I almost wadded it up in the top of second on a highway on ramp. More car than I have skill. Gets the heart rate up fer' sure.