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Hagerty Employee

This 13,000-mile 2005 Subaru STI is a true rally-bred survivor

Subaru’s release of the WRX STI in 2004 was a huge deal for enthusiasts. Up until that point, if you wanted to drive an STI, you did so playing Gran Turismo. For the first time, Americans could actually drive the cars they were wheeling in video games and watching compete in the World Rally Championship.


Subaru owners aspiring to emulate Colin McRae drove these cars and they worked them hard. Few examples were kept as collector cars from new. An STI with 13,000 original miles, like the car currently listed on Bring a Trailer, is a special opportunity, indeed ... Read the full article on



Colin McRae is the GOAT. Man I loved watching him rally. That race in the gold car at x-games he had versus Pastrana where he flipped the car and then kept driving is legendary.