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Hagerty Employee

This $100,000 Ferrari Testarossa J is definitely no toy

There's a damp patch about half way through the long left-hander. Hitting it at full throttle the Ferrari briefly goes into a four-wheel drift and, for just a second or so, I picture myself as Phil Hill, sawing at the Nardi steering wheel and bracing myself as the lateral forces threaten to eject me from the open cockpit.
Intermediate Driver

You're wrong. At $100,000 and that size, is it most certainly a toy for the rich. Lacking any real driver protection, let's hope those rich are also properly careful as well (like that's gonna happen).

No mention of whether it will be street legal, not that I care or ever will see one?
Intermediate Driver

The Brumos Collection has a 3/4 scale Maserati Tipo 61 Birdcage. Yes, the frame tubes are tiny, like drinking straw tiny. It has some sort of motorcycle motor so I assume it is probably more than a match for the tiny TR.

Seeing a photo of a fully grown man in a kiddie pedal car is just about the silliest image I've seen yet on this site. Thanx for the laughs.