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Hagerty Employee

This 1 of 10 Roush-tuned Ford GT is a European rarity

The 2005–2006 Ford GT was a spectacular achievement. Much like the GT40 from the 1960s, Ford proved once again that it was capable of building, from scratch, a street supercar that could compete at the elite tier of motorsports. These retro-inspired ’05-’06 models were in very high demand from the start, with the majority of examples sold in the United States. Very few were exported to Europe, which makes them an especially unique sight on the Continent, but one such vehicle is up for sale at the upcoming RM Sotheby’s sale in London this month. On top of that, this example is a very rare Roush 600RE ... Read the full article on



If that car were mine, no way would it have so few miles!


Remember that Ford didn’t build the original 1960’s GT40’s. All were designed by Roy Lynn and Eric Broadley, and built in England by Lola cars. The only thing Ford contributed was the cast iron engine block and some of Henry’s money. 

Intermediate Driver

Sort of. Yes, the original cars were developed by Lunn and Broadley but it is a misconception that the GT40 is a Lola produced car. That simply isn't accurate. Yes, they did use a couple Lola GT's for testing, but Ford Advanced Vehicles produced the very first real GT40s, not Lola and the engineering design of the Lola GT and the Ford GT40 are not identical.
Intermediate Driver

Two years ago late summer M68 East of Onaway MI. I was headed West around 8:30 AM and what is coming East headed for me? A GT40 in the Gulf colors! Wish I had a dash cam, couldn't believe my eyes, closest I have been to one, it was exhilarating!