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Hagerty Employee

This ’04 Audi A4 proves utes aren’t dead, they’re just DIY

If you’re still mourning the loss of the Chevy El Camino, Ford Ranchero, VW Caddy, Dodge Rampage, or Subaru Brat, there’s some good news. Smyth Performance offers kits to transform sedans and SUVs into utes that actually look kind of awesome ... Read the full article on


Hagerty Employee

I dig this. I'm not even sure why?!

Intermediate Driver

I dig it also.  Fun simple ride.

Intermediate Driver

Brilliant. I could also be tempted by the BYOB Impreza version. (Build your own Brat)

Intermediate Driver

Quite interesting, not really something I might go for, would have been nice to know what kind of cost this type of conversion intails.


Advanced Driver

The VW Rabbit pickup (Caddy) is mentioned in the article.  I always wanted one.  There was one cruising around here with a full GTI vibe going, loved it.    I really like this one too!

Community Manager

These cars are pretty much worthless to most buyers at this point in their depreciation curve. Nice to see one got "saved" into something cool instead of likely winding up in the junkyard months/years from now.

Pit Crew

I ain't touching Audis- PITA cars to work on. Switch to VW MK4's instead, they are pretty much the same, but less of a hassle under the hood. 


One more thing, these Audi/VW have no value. BAT sold that A4 conversion at 5500 when the price of the kit is 3000+ shipped. Wave goodbye to your investment.

Intermediate Driver

Can't understand why VW discontinued its small Rabbit/Golf based truck.  Some even came with Diesel engines. (For greater hauling power and mileage.)  Maybe an idea ahead of its time. This article should have also mentioned the price range for these


New Driver

Totally liked it till I saw the engine, those 1.8 are the worse there was a recall on all of them and always had oiling issues, that motor is boo,boo.

Advanced Driver

Toyota, Ford and Jeep have all saved me a lot of money by refusing to build a regular cab "small" truck. I guess I will have to build or restore something myself. The "professionals" have forgot their customers.


It is sad that there is just no market for these UTE vehicles in America. I loved my Big Block 1972  GMC Sprint SP. 


But the small trucks of the 80's killed the ute that was just holding on. Now it is to the point even the Pontiac ST was going to cost as much as a full size truck. 


I did have a ZQ8 Sonoma that really was close. It was small and drove more like a Z/28 than a truck. It just lacked power with the 4.3. If it had an engine like the LNF Turbo 2.0 from today it would have been a perfect vehicle. 


Today I am in a Canyon Crew Denali and to be honest I love the truck. Even sitting high up I added a read sway bar and it handles very well for a truck. Not ZQ8 like but very good. 


Economics, market demands and available platforms just limit what is available. This is just part of the market. It is cool someone is offering kits to do this so at least some can live the dream. 

I would love to see a Camaro based model. 

Intermediate Driver

Just in case not everyone is aware the Audi 1.8 turbocharged four has a design issue which can cause it to consume massive quantities of oil and require a rebuild before 60k miles.   There was a class action lawsuit regarding this issue.


yup, he's down the st frm us here. Several companies now on market, reminds me of the 1st glass revolution in early '50s - mid 70s (mostly SoCal?) that gave us "sports cars", dune buggies'n so much more - now evolved into medical products, ocean sail material, performance clothing, and more fuel efficient DDers - all at the cost of a never ending stream of trash. All over - mountain tops, ocean islands composed entirely of it, in the usa the typical human body contains as much plastic as seen ina credit card. Make yer choices w/info & understanding...