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Hagerty Employee

Think trucks are portly and pricey? Ford's $21.5K, 40-mpg Maverick would like a word | Hagerty Media

It's no secret that pickup trucks are the golden geese for the Big Three automakers here in the states. They're big, cushy, ridiculously capable, and laden with more tech than your local Best Buy. People are buying them in droves. But sometimes, bigger isn't always better.
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Advanced Driver

Strictly a city person "truck".
Intermediate Driver

I have my order put in! I want my vote to count, towards smaller p'up trucks!
Intermediate Driver

I must posit: my choice is rooted in over59 years in tyr car game, so I know *precisely* what Im getting.

The ruff'n tuff, hairy-chested Murkin truck folks will squawk, but Ford is doing the right thing.
New Driver

Interesting and the market needs something like this but I think I will hang onto my 1994 Toyota Pickup 22RE 5 speed. Serves the purpose and much, much cooler.

This low price will not hold up. One Options add up fast. Also thiscwas just intro price, next year it will go up. 

Intermediate Driver

I read the Maverick article with great interest. Till I got to the part about the standard 8" touch screen, apple car play, and android, then I stopped reading.
... "Hello Ford" ... Not everybody wants that stuff.
How about a simple, small, RWD, 4 cylinder with a stick pickup. Like those great Ranger pickups of the 80s & 90s. Yes I'm living in the past, but it's a good past. ... Gary

I own a 1990 Ranger 4X4 Supercab I have loved for over 20 years AND a 1997 Nissan "D21 Hardbody Pickup" I don't understand why no one sells a real small pickup in US?
My D21 does so many chores and has been bulletproof for me. All the gardeners where I live want to buy it every time I drive it!!!