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Hagerty Employee

These two women are fighting to save car culture coast to coast | Hagerty Media

When you think of saving car culture, you might glance out in your garage at your classic car or bike, pondering the next restoration step, perhaps, or simply planning a weekend ice cream trip with your kids. Turning wrenches on and sharing our rides with others are essential for ensuring the future of the hobby we love.

Great to shine a light on two deserving gear heads!

All my Hopes and best Wishes to Those wonderful Ladys and their hard work, but the Car Culture is surely going to Die unless thereare som major Ideological Changes made: The real problem for Young People is: affordability or even perceived affordability A pair of Star ry-eyed youngsters does not need to hear the following conversation at a Carshow:yeah Igot about 12 Grand into the engine that does not include all the Chrome whiccame almost to another 3 Grand and I got a Lucky brake on the Paint job only cost me 6000 Dollars and a lot of Beer What they need to hear: jes My Boy John here just got his Drivers License and for the last three years he kept bugging me about this cute little Civic here that sat in the Guys Backyard down the Road so we finally went down there and the man said it had developed starting problems and smoked when running and I had planned to d something about it but just bought another car for my wife and if you want it for 200 Dollars you can haul it away so we got it pulled the motor got acheap set of rings and a Gasket set couple of other needed parts and lapped the Valves and put it Back together oh: the upholstery the people had a big Dog so it got pretty well destroyed but Johns sister is learning to sew and did it in her sewing Class I think it came out pretty nice the Paint Job haha my workbuddy offered to do it for the costofsome spraycans ( what?) yes spraycans bu we spent weeks every Night Polishing So there it is Its a B last to Drive and John is already planning his next Preject Sorry about my Rambling but I have Experience with wonderful cultures or hobbys Dying because they were made unaffordable

I believe there are A LOT of younger people in the hobby, with plenty of money...just look at the money that Civic Si, Integra Type R, MKIV Supra, etc, etc, are going for at auctions, on Bring a Trailer, and privately (mostly Millennial and older Gen Z are buying them)...also, at most cruise ins that I attend, most of the young “Tuner Crowd” have more money in their engine build, than I paid for my complete car.
Pit Crew

i will repeat again what I comment at every opportunity regarding gettin the youth interested in classic cars. My son is 20 years old, likes cars, likes my TR6, and he works on it with me. Unfortunately, because of the restrictions in the HAGERTY insurance policy, he can not drive it, not even with me in the passenger seat. This needs to change if we seriously want the next generations to be involved.
Hagerty Employee

Hey there @GRAHAM_TR6 ! I would love to look into your situation, as in most cases, Hagerty certainly does allow youthful drivers to be added to you policy. 

New Driver

@Darold Same thing here. My middle son was interested in classic cars and restoration of them so we purchased a 68 Mustang Fastback that he's almost finished restoring in time for his 17th birthday in a couple of months and getting his drivers license.
It's currently insured with Hagerty because of the great coverage but he won't be able to drive it without putting it on a normal policy which is not a great option for a classic car like this especially if there is an issue at some point.
It's really a shame that there isn't a classic car policy for the youth that want to keep this hobby going. Even if it was a higher premium package it would be worth it for the piece of mind in having to deal with an insurance company if an issue arises that understands the cars value and history.
Hagerty Employee

@Mcqueen6819 it sounds like there may be several factors at play here. But again, outside of some specific specialty vehicle classes, age alone is not a restricting factor in excluding coverage. If you have quoted with is previously, I would be happy to look into it for you.

New Driver

That would be great. What do I need to do to have you take a look?

Hagerty Employee

Shoot me a PM with your quote/member/policy number, or the email associated with your account! 👍

New Driver

A very nice story, indeed, but being a Mopar fan I would like to hear a bit about Ms. Parker's younger brother's very clean 1970 Dart (and I do believe that's the first time I've seen a front spoiler on a Dodge A-body.)
Intermediate Driver

We need all the help we can get,the libs consider them polluters and are doing all they can to get them off the road,definitely thank them for their efforts
Advanced Driver

A lot of us libs love 'em just as much as you do. Anyone with any sense knows the small numbers of classic and other collector cars in the world are not sufficient to cause pollution problems.

Great this article about these two Ladies , and our Ladies in our lives are a BIG part of the Hobby. Happy Wife Happy Life-motoring !

   I don't really have anything "new" to add to the comments of others - they have said most of what is relevant.  But I do want to add my appreciation for what these women (and plenty of other folks) are doing to preserve the ability to appreciate vintage automobiles.  I especially liked the parts with the kids sitting in and admiring the cars and the comments about not disparaging types of cars other than the specific one we each love.  Inclusivity of ages, genders, economic status, and brand or vehicle type diversity is crucial to keeping this passion alive, united, and strong.

   I don't have a high-dollar classic, and I encourage all kinds of folks to sit in it and ask any questions they have.  More than anything, I love to let kids explore the car.  Yes, I have to wipe down a lot of fingerprints.  Yes, the knobs and buttons all need to be rest quite often.  But no way will you see a "Please Don't Touch" placard on my car.  Like what was suggested by @uweschmidt, I like to show people that a normal Joe like me, along with a few friends and a few parts, can put together a fairly nice - and ultimately blast-to-drive car without having to have a Bill Gates bank account.

   I show them what stuff I found at salvage yards, swap meets, and online used parts sites.  I tell them that a buddy and I painted the car in a garage - and that the only reason it look decent is because I've worn my arms down to nubs polishing and waxing - which other than some Turtle Wax, is pretty much free.

   The work of these ladies and their organizations is important.  But (IMHO), equally important is what each and every one of us can do with little or no effort or cost: welcome strangers to feel comfortable with our rides.  Encourage dialog about the hobbies.  Smile and wave and acknowledge the "thumbs up" you get.  Offer advice or even an afternoon of wrenching to someone who is starting out in the culture.

   Okay, okay, I get it - if you have a $75,000 pristine number-matching collectable, maybe you don't want every little kid in town crawling around in it.  Understandable.  But the vast majority of us have just "drivers" - no disrespect intended - and can afford to be at least a little open to anyone who is interested.