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Hagerty Employee

These 8 great roads are our pathways to freedom

If you're here reading this, you likely feel (as we do) that driving is more than a means to an end. A to B is not the point. Beyond the pavement, roads are emotional avenues that help us experience a slice of freedom, transcend monotony, and lead more enjoyable lives.
Intermediate Driver

Southeast Ohio in general has a LOT of great driving roads. Route 26 out of Marietta is my favorite, then again I was born and raised there, so I may be biased.
New Driver

This is good to hear. I'm moving up that way and will be looking for good roads.
New Driver

Among the best roads I've driven. Curvy, posted 55, and few other cars. Not just 26, but any of the roads between 26 and the river.

Thanks for a reminder that operating a motor vehicle isn't always just about commuting or mere transportation.

On so many roads, with the right combination of season, weather, motorcar and driver; there are transcendent experiences to be had.

I liked the San Juan Capistrano highway in CA, La Honda out to Alices Restaurant (also CA), Tunnel of Trees in MI, and 89 from Jerome toward Vegas in AZ, Million Dollar Highway in CO, and Independence Pass, CO. In our neck of the woods there is Clarkston Rd., from Clarkston, MI to Lake Orion, and Andersonville Rd. Both good fun, especially when there is no traffic.
Pit Crew

I like HWY 128..

Where is that?? It's the "back way" into Moab, Utah - if traveling East to West - Colorado to the Moab area ( I 70 between Vail and Grand Junction dosn't suck either -STOP at the rest areas! )

Exit I 70 at exit 204, turn left, go a couple of miles .. and you will turn right on Hwy 128. There will; be a small sign saying Moab with an arrow. It will look BLEAK at first... Trust me, it's worth it!

It's maybe 30 miles into town, but that 30 miles !! Holy crap is it cool. Plan a few stops for pictures and many history spots. Federal land, and there are camp sites with rest rooms - for us old guys !

Now, just to sell it some more... MANY of the cool car commercials you see are filmed on this road. Stop and have lunch at the Red River ranch.. and there is a FREE museum in the basement showing all the cool movies and car stuff filmed in the area. Worth a 30 minute stop.

Then, enjoy the soaring cliffs and driving along the Colorado river... It is majestic.
When in Moab? Arches national Park and Dead Horse point are worth a visit...
I could go on about Moab, but this is about roads, right?
Enough! lol

I’ve driven across this great country many more times than I’ve flown. Always using time as the variable in my planning, not a constant.

It is hard to beat the Million Dollar highway, but I really enjoy 550 from Durango all the way to Ouray.
That road is terrifying headed south, at night, in a snow-storm, in a lifted truck with mud tires and lockers. But during the day and in dry weather the views are incredible.

Freedom for me … that was traveling on I-40 in New Mexico, where 66 is just a patchwork accessible sections, in my old muscle car, watching the rain move across a high desert escarpment like a black veil gently falling as a heard of wild mustangs ran on the adjacent plateau, I was listening to the 383 turning at 2800 rpm through the dual 2.5” flowmaster exhaust. I didn’t know what life would bring in AZ, but for a period, it was a pure moment - one I will never forget.

Almost forgot — stop in Silverton, stay at the Triangle, have dinner at the Golden Block Brewery for some AMAZING brick oven pizza and great beers on tap, then before you leave town head down to the Kendall Mountain Cafe for heads down the best breakfast in town.

Silverton got a lot of bad press for their idiot mayor, but those places are legit, they treat you right, but don’t suck up to tourists, they make you feel like it is to your small town too.
New Driver

The "Twisted Sisters" in the Texas Hill Country. Those would be FM335. 336, and 337. (FM stands for Farm to Market). This trip is 131 miles that will change your image of Texas forever. Yes, hills, curves, lots of them.
Intermediate Driver

Skyline Drive through the Shenandoah National Park and it's extension, the Blue Ridge Parkway further south.
Advanced Driver

Top down 560SL on the Blue Ridge Parkway, especially in the "off" season!!! I have some local roads in the foothills of NC that are actually fun as well. Just watch out for the peg scraping motorcycles on Old NC18 from Vale, NC to Morganton, NC.
Intermediate Driver

The Cherohala Skyway is a 43 mile-long asphalt snake that lifts its head from Tellico Plains, TN, to Robbinsville, NC, moving left, right, left, right, as it rises from 900 ft to 5,400 ft at Haw Knob near the TN/NC border. Its mountainous beauty is best appreciated on four wheels, but the curves are more exhilarating on two. Don't want to ride back the other way? Then turn left and take The Dragon on the return.
Pit Crew

for british columbia bc-99 is good, however, bc-6 is better and bc-31a is the best. corners, corners, corners and the transition between them is like honey at room temperature.
Pit Crew

I love The Sea to Sky highway. Haven't driven 6 or 31a, but the route up the coast over looking Howe Sound through Squamish and on to Whistler is one of the most breathtaking drives anywhere. The Guardian called it 'The fifth best drive in the world.'
Don't stop at Whistler though. Motor on North into Pemberton, and you can dine on some of the best potatoes grown anywhere. OMG, It's worth the trip to taste their French Fries!
After lunch, continue on up to where the Gold Rush began: Lillooet. The drive up there will utterly gobsmack you.
Pit Crew

I have driven US 36 several times from Missouri to Colorado and Colorado to Ohio. Back in the day, you could floor it all the way through Kansas and Eastern Colorado.

PCH is my fave. Anyone lucky enough to spend any time on this highway know what I'm talking about.

I'm a little surprised the PCH hasn't gotten more mentions; maybe it's a bit cliched? No matter, the views are breathtaking even though my wife-to-be asked me to cool it on the switchbacks since I was making her nauseous.


Intermediate Driver

Update: For better or worse, but mostly worse, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho is no longer a secret.

If you want a long beautiful drive do the Blue Ridge Parkway. It runs from Shenandoah National Park in Virginia to the Smokie Mountain National Park in Tennessee/ North Carolina. It runs for some 400 miles through the mountains, is a limited access two lane road with a suggested 45 mph speed limit. I have driven the entire length in a 1995 MR2 and a 2003 Thunderbird. I will do it again when I get the chance.
Intermediate Driver

Any of the roads South of Ashland, Ohio around Mohican State Park are great up and down roads with lots of twisties. Beautiful country.

Arkansas Highway 27 to Highway 14 North seems like an interesting road. I've been in a few spots that were just beautiful.
Intermediate Driver

It's hard to find a bad road in North Central AR.. But, my favorite is Highway 341 aka Push Mountain Road. Hwy. 201at Norfolk south to hwy. 14. Rinse and repeat. Fast sweepers, tight switchbacks, lots of elevation changes. Few driveways and great pavement. Oh, and the view ain't bad either. Most traffic is from sportbikes.
Pit Crew

Belle Isle was best when you could stop at the old "Casino" refresjment stand gor an ice cold Vermors on tap
Pit Crew

The Big Sky state (Montana) has many wonderful roads to drive, but likley one of the more diverse is Hwy 89 from the north side of the Yellowstone Park to the Canadian Border, wonderful open two lane road in any dependable car. Sometimes you get to be in the middle of nowhere. with very few other vehicles, just local ranchers to help in a pinch. Dont drive to early in the season (before June 15) otherwise cattle drives along the road can slow you down (rough life). Or too late in the season (Mid August) fire season fills the sky with smoke. cheers and enjoy, I want to get to the Smoky Mtns.
Pit Crew

Route 6 crossing the northern part of Pennsylvania is not too bad. Just watch out for the deer. Route 30 through the Alleghenies isn't bad either. In eastern Ohio route 22 can be fun. A lot of twists and turns.
New Driver

A Great Summer time drive early in the morning, to beat the traffic, is the Going to the Sun
pass in Glacier Park , northern Montana.

Check it out!
Advanced Driver

I just completed a round trip from PA to TX. Here are some of the great roads I found along the way.

US219, US220, WVA84, WVA92, WVA259 in VA and WVA
KY15, US58 and US119 in VA and KY
AR48 and AR229
Farm to Market 119 in TX
TX 29 from Llano to Burnet
AR7 and AR123 through the Ozarks, and US412/62 in AR
OH124 east from Hillsboro OH
US50 east from Grafton WV
Hagerty Fan
Not applicable

Okay, now you're just a highway hoarder. Geeze, save some of those highways for other people, you're hogging up all of them and pretty soon nobody else will be able to drive on them.


Intermediate Driver

Colorado Highway 92 that goes along the Gunnison River, through the Black Canyon, and ends in Delta is quite epic. Little known to even many locals. But if you ever get to Colorado and want to get off the beaten path (I-70), it's well worth your time.

Ortega Highway 74, cause I live next to it. Also one of the deadliest.

I grew up on Long Island and attended Georgia Tech in the late 1970's. I would always drive the Blue Ridge Parkway back and forth (in a 1955 DeSoto Fireflite sedan). Nowadays, living in Oregon, I follow the Klickitat River in Washington for a Sunday drive. I want to get back to the McKenzie Highway near Sisters, OR for a longer relaxing drive.
Pit Crew

As a Canadian, I live in North America. So your comment regarding us not being in America is incorrect. I am proud to be a resident of North America, which by the way, includes the USA.

Just a geography lesson.
Hagerty Fan
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Nope. Canadiadiadians are completely different from actual North Americans, with Canadianians having their glowing red eyes and freakishly long fingernail claws.

Nice try, however, but we're all on to you! Hahahhahahaaa....cough...cough...haahahhahahhaa...cough...haaahhahaaaa....cough...

Pit Crew

Kancamagus Scenic Highway between Lincoln and Conway, New Hampshire, in the White Mountains. Lots of scenic, beautiful overlooks. If you like the North East; Maine, NH, VT, you'll love this road.
If you look at a map of the area it is not hard to figure out loops around and thru the White Mountains, White Mountains National Forest. Take the road trip up Mt. Washington, @ 6,288 ft.. cost a few bucks per car, but worth it. The take the Heritage Railway scenic steam locomotive train[s] that pull out of Conway/North Conway for scenic tours of the mountains.
Intermediate Driver

Oh come on. You forgot Hwy. 1431 running west out of Cedar Park (North Austin), Texas through the hill country out to Marble Falls. The hills, curves and scenery make for a fantastic drive! It is a blast in a performance vehicle. Just be mindful of the police in Jonestown.
Advanced Driver

If you've gotta travel on an Interstate and are heading to Asheville from points north, check out the stretch of I-40 from the North Carolina border south. Probably the most entertaining stretch of Interstate you'll find in the US--and the whole twisty section is heavily posted "NO TRUCKS LEFT LANE" so when the traffic is light, you can blast through there with little impediment.

Our BMW 2002 caravan to Mid America 02Fest in Eureka Springs AR, takes us along US 412, 62 and 63 across northern Arkansas. Once past the rice fields before and after Paragould, the road becomes delightfully twisty and scenic all the way to Eureka Springs. Numerous twisty back roads--in all directions--depart from there. Our return trip takes us along AR 9 from Salem to Mammoth Springs, then along MO 142 to Donaphin, two other scenic, twisty and lightly traveled roads.

And if you're in the southern half of Ohio, you can't beat all the well-paved, twisty and lightly traveled back roads in northern Kentucky in the triangle formed by I-75, US 68 and the Ohio river. There's even a 10 car ferry crossing the Ohio at Ripley.
New Driver

With over 3.5 million miles in a commercial vehicle, one of my favorite spots I love is a special little exit between Cheyenne and Laramie Wy. Especially headed west out of Cheyenne, at the peak of the mountain, at the rest area with a tremendous bust of our greatest President, Abraham Lincoln, is the exit marked Happy Jack Road. As I exit my 640i and gaze back east in wonderment, I’m always thankful to be a driver!!