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Hagerty Employee

These 7 oddball classics are sure to brighten up your garage

October 2020 is going to be a surprisingly busy month for collector car auctions, and that’s true on both sides of the Atlantic. There are no fewer than 11 live auctions on our calendar that we’ll be watching and, as usual, there are plenty of rare and unusual rides up for grabs this month. RM’s Elkhart sale in particular has some weird ones in the mix, but we narrowed it down to seven of the most unusual cars crossing the block over the next four weeks ... Read the full article on



Love the Bedford and the gogo! 🙂

New Driver

Since I am not bidding money is no object!  The Dubble Bubble. looks like fun.


So what exactly is a "sorting break"? Sounds like something for the skeet range.


If you have the money, shooting brake all day! You can pay that kind of money for any number of current and recent super and super-luxury cars not anywhere as unique. What AMG GT? What S65 Cabriolet? What Aston? My hunch is it goes for more.

New Driver

A shooting brake is any vehicle, usually a station wagon body type which is used to transport hunters, their weapons and gear to the site where they will be hunting

Intermediate Driver

Double Bubble hands down

Intermediate Driver

My favorite weirdo would be the Fiat Multipla from the 50s.

New Driver

These oddballs are, for the most part, a little more high-end value-wise. My collection would be a little more modest but a little less weird:

1. 1982 Puma (Brazilian VW-based sports car sold as a turn-key in Canada)
2. 1985 Mazda RX7 GSL-SE. (Canadian version with headlight washers. Already owned six GSL 12As).
3. 1989 Bertone X1/9.

4. 1981 Suzuki LJ80Q 4X4 (tiny 800-cc Jeep rip-off. Already owned one).
5. '70s Manx VW dune buggy.
6. '70s Opel GT.
7. '71-'73 Datsun 240Z (the '70 would be a little too pricey for my budget).
8. 1973 Chev Impala Custom coupe (the one with the concave rear window. This was my first car, purchased cash in 1980 for a mere $1000 in about #2 to #3 condition. Would like to have another).
9. 1981 Triumph TR8 (was actually a left-over 1980, but with a small badge rather than decals).
10. 1962 Buick Skylark (the one with the all-aluminum 235 V8).

That's about it for now....

Intermediate Driver

In 1966, the year I graduated High School, I had a good friend who was well over 6 feet tall. He had 2 cars. A 1954 Ford 2 door sedan with 390/4 speed and a Lloyd. I don't recall what model it was but it was SMALL! Did I mention it was SMALL!? Funny thing is, he fit in it quite well and we could navigate alleys and thoroughfares others could not even contemplate. I discovered entirely new routes in the Lloyd cutting drastic times off of travel to and from school.