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These 7 oddball classics are sure to brighten up your garage

October 2020 is going to be a surprisingly busy month for collector car auctions, and that’s true on both sides of the Atlantic. There are no fewer than 11 live auctions on our calendar that we’ll be watching and, as usual, there are plenty of rare and unusual rides up for grabs this month. RM’s Elkhart sale in particular has some weird ones in the mix, but we narrowed it down to seven of the most unusual cars crossing the block over the next four weeks ... Read the full article on


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any of the odd mini cars, meserschmitd, subie 360, etc, I like all you's named but the fiat due to not enclosed, How bout the Hudson (or whatever it wuz) Traveler? The one that looked sedan yet the lift back made it a sleeper/wagon - sort of. Any of the tiny sports utes - brat, 60s ranchero, dodge rampage/ply scamp or bigger like the Hudson p/u (Big Boy). Some of my favs were the pre-mini vans - the '80s MPV (eagle summit, nissan stanza, mitus MPV, etc; or the honda vanagon, toy. tercel waggy).

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