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Hagerty Employee

These 7 BMW '90s concepts would have shaped segments anew | Hagerty Media

BMW's range was remarkably straightforward during the 1990s. It consisted of the 3 series, the 5 series, the 7 series, the 8 series, the Z series, and the X5 that came at the very end of the decade. Much crazier projects, some of which bordered on automotive alchemy, were brewing behind the scenes.

Well, those are some remarkably NOT good looking machines. I can see why none of them made it to production. Someone had a big and powerful ugly stick in Bavaria. 🙂

Someone had a big and powerful ugly stick in Bavaria? Someone stopped keeping the ugly stick guy in check in Bavaria.

Yikes. I know BMW has a reputation for making somewhat dull designs but good lord, these have to be the most unappealing cars this side of the Pontiac Aztec.

Glad these were all left on the table.
New Driver

You should have thrown in the M8 concept here just for a “other end of the spectrum” car. Now that thing is BOSS
Advanced Driver

The Z21 and Z13 seem to be somewhat in line with the old BMW “driver’s car” ethos. The rest of this stuff portends its descent into making rolling iPhones with the sporting manner castrated out of them.
Advanced Driver

"Cosi fan tutti." They're all doing it.
Pit Crew

I'm guessing that Beh-Em-Veh might've delivered a sizable passel of the Z21's to Californica, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Cola-raddo, New Mexico and Texas, not to mention other mountainous/coastal states. What's not to like about a modern fusion of a Meyers Manx and a Lotus Seven?
Hell, I might have even parted with my beloved Harley to be able to share those adventures in a touring conveyance of which even my wife would have partaken. I'll be on the waiting list...

Pit Crew

Yikes, glad they didn't make it to fruition... Love my E36 and E39 sedans...!!!
Intermediate Driver

I'm throwing shade on the entire lineup. The Z22 reminds me of the Pontiac Aztec.
Intermediate Driver

All Duds ....
Advanced Driver

1st one, since post '70/8, I will say is a Gremlin copy, near copy (notice I did not say "rip off, I DID think that tho). Don't forget (for the nxt few models pictured) the co took over the Isetta so have 'small cars' near and dear in their history. I think the point I'd like to stress is there are co. that are willing to do niche development/sales. There is no money in small run autos (Lambo & others show us this). A company that makes 25 special market vehicles in low numbers does not survive. I sure wish it weren't so, that there was more support for such (colleges, government, each co's try at it). For instance - how much interest is there in putting the Raptor underneath the 2 dor Bronco as it is coming out now? Marketing used to run on "Win on Sunday, sell on Monday".
Pit Crew

Those are all better than the current generation of 3 and 4 series.
Intermediate Driver

pure, unadulterated junk!
Intermediate Driver

Not a head turner in the bunch. What ever happened to creative out of the box thinking? Seems like every company has the very same computer program. Take me back to the 50's PLEASE!! I would rather give up MPG than have anyone of not only these but almost all of todays offerings. Sorry guys but it still seems like the various car companies are not listening to the consumer in style nor color offerings.
Pit Crew

Amazing how a couple of those look like a tribute to Mr. Myers and the Manx...RIP

I like the Z18 a lot! Funky!
New Driver

I really want to make a witty and original statement about how ugly I think they all are but I’m too late, they’ve all been said.
Advanced Driver

Why does the Z18 have cycle fenders inside its fenders?

Meet George Jetson, Jane, his wife, his boy Elroy, his daughter Who?
Pit Crew

That was a neat trip down “what if” lane. Like many design/driven endeavors, you gotta make some weird and unrealistic things to find out what works right. This is a great example and goes to show that for every great design (or invention) there are a far greater number of failed attempts.
Thanks for writing a great piece!!
Intermediate Driver

Oh Dear God! Der Gruppe of Stink Bombs! Whoa! Bangle's production designs don't look too weird now, do they?
Advanced Driver

It's always fascinating when someone takes a company's efforts and makes something else out of it.
Some of the shapes are wonderful and probably too expensive to produce even at mass production
numbers but interesting anyway. And it was probably a smart move to buy Mini because from a business standpoint BMW then doesn't have to reinvent the wheel, so to speak. Thank you for this.
New Driver

Ah, these were all before BMW decided to try to make the grille somehow larger than the entire front end of the vehicle...
New Driver

Is it just me or does that '98 Z1 look like an AMC Gremlin? I do like the Z18 the best of the lot. That thing is just cool.
Intermediate Driver

The Z13 and Z18 are the winners of the lot, to me. And they did not look very good for the most part. As swamibob says the ugly stick was used with reckless abandon. Some thoughtful usability at least.
Intermediate Driver

Z13 and Z21 for me please.
Z13 bears more than a passing resemblance to Volvo’s C30, but with a mid-engine design and just 1,800 lbs to move around, sounds a lot more enjoyable.
Seems like everyone is doing a take on the Seven these days; too bad BMW never dusted this off, civilized it a tad bit more, and marketed it through its MINI division.