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These 6 gorgeous classics could set auction records this weekend

You may not have heard of Hubert Fabri, but you can bet the Belgian car collector is smiling to himself. Next month, 15 of his rare Aston Martins, Bentleys, Bugattis, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Lancias will go under the hammer at Gooding & Company's Passion of a Lifetime event in the U.K. Industry observers expect records to be broken.


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Advanced Driver

Fabri made his fortune in rubber and palm oil plantations. Why how colonial of him. Doesn't sound like a guy worthy of any praise. 

Advanced Driver

What is so wrong about colonialism and making money? If it wasn't for colonialism more than half of the world would be stuck in time as they were 200 to 300 years ago.
Intermediate Driver

Other than the DB4, I couldn't see driving any of these cars.  With that one exception, they should be in museums.  That said, I'm not sure the public really has much interest in these cars anyway.   They are just very expensive paperweights to improve the bragging rights of billionaires who have more money than taste.    

Intermediate Driver

Saying this sort of comment is the same as criticizing a stamp collector because they don't use them to mail letters, or a collector of English china because they don't use it to drink their morning coffee. 


“What is so wrong about colonialism and making money? If it wasn't for colonialism more than half of the world would be stuck in time as they were 200 to 300 years ago.”


Thank You !

Advanced Driver

I would be thrilled to drive - let alone own - any of these! They were expensive works of art built by visionary craftsmen for those wealthy few who could afford special cars of outstanding quality. Kept, maintained, and restored down through the years to be enjoyed by those that can afford them and appreciated by the rest of us.

And why denigrate those who worked hard and become wealthy??

The "public" these days seems mostly interested in their smartphones.

More's the pity...... 


because Colonialism means SLAVERY;

Pit Crew

Two points to make about this: 1) Slavery was rampant in those days and the prior 4000 years, and covered most every race of people on every continent. Thank god we live in a world that has gotten wiser. 2) Not all colonists were slave owners.

Pit Crew

I do understand TRAGAR's comment, although I would add the two Bugattis to the list to own and drive. The rest are curiosities. The brass era cars are tough to relate to today, although I appreciate that they are preserved.


If you Google Hubert Fabri you will find that he has interests in something like 200 companies, the main one being Socfin, a company that was established long after slavery was abolished. The main complaints that people have about the company is that they are using strong arm tactics to force small farmers off their land, and they use an extraordinary amount of SLAP lawsuits to silence any criticism of the company, even from valid news sources. I think there may be more to this auction than meets the eye, given some of the legal actions the company is facing. Fabri may have recognized that the cars are a seizable asset, but if he sells them he can hide all the cash in offshore accounts. 


I would prefer the Rolls Royce myself.

New Driver

Re: Rolls-Royce 40/50 HP Silver Ghost Alpine Tourer:  What an UGLY colour!  Looks like something one would find on a Dodge Challenger or Plymouth Roadrunner. Not a top of the line luxury car.


Intermediate Driver

Merlebalke seems a little too woke.  The article did not praise or criticize Fabri.  His own prejudices have colored his opinion.

New Driver


Pit Crew

Following up on Gib49's comment on color:  I have zero expertise on the subject, but based on what I've seen, the color on the Lancia seems authentic, and the Vauxhall (my favorite in this collection) seems believable, but that Rolls: Ye gads!  Surely that ugly color can't be an authentic 1919 color.  Can it?  And if not, why would someone put it on such a beautiful and valuable car?  I'm a bit mystified by it...