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These 5 veteran racing Porsches celebrate Stuttgart’s racing legacy

The Petersen Automotive Museum is one of the top car museums in the country and, month after months, curates fascinating groupings of cars to give first-timers and frequent attendees alike something to pique their interest. The museum’s newest exhibit, Redefining Performance, highlights Porsche’s rich racing legacy with five winning examples spanning almost the entirety of the brand’s history.


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Disappointed my favorite 917K is missing out of the collection.


I was working at a gas station back in the 80’ while in school. We used to get a number of BFG test cars in. 

One day they rolled in with a 924 Carrera in stock form accept for the added roll cage. It was black with the ugly plaid interior still in it. 

They used it for a while but then it vanished. I often wondered if Jim Busby or Herman Miller got it for their race team. 

A year or so later a 924 came back fresh from Daytona. It was in the alley behind the gas station with John Buffams  Rally Audi. 

We were close to BFG and to a company that did BFG marketing. You never knew what might show up at this Akron Ohio Gas station. 

We often saw Hot Rod cover cars and twice America’s Most Beautiful Roaster.


One day I looked out back in the Alley and saw the BFG 962 sitting next to my car.

Those were cool times.




surprised that the 908 and even the mighty 917 were left out ?


Intermediate Driver

now the 924 we all know is a Porsche in name only, what with it being a Volkswagen and all like its 914 predecessor;


the 356 was merely a larger VW bug;


the true Porsches of the time were the spiders like Dean perished in;


Porsche in fact, was an afterthought in auto racing until the FIA outlawed the 7-litre beasts because Enzo couldn’t compete with them even with the marvelous 330 P4s;


Enzo pulled the same stunt with the big block Cobras one year;