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Hagerty Employee

These 3 bare-metal Cobras prove paint is overrated | Hagerty Media

The Shelby Cobra is one of the most recognizable sports cars ever created. The curvy aluminum body embodies the quintessential roadster, but in 427 guise it adds a more purposeful stance with wider flares. The Cobra's short wheelbase paired with the powerful, roaring Ford V-8 made it a handful on track for all but the most experienced drivers.
Advanced Driver

Comes with a skid of Brasso...

These are really cool cars.

Imagine the copper car with years of patina. The light green oxidation copper gets would make that car priceless. It will never happen but it would be really cool to see.

Hmmm. What’s that P.T. Barnum quote?

Steel is 3 times the weight of aluminium. So an aluminium body makes sense. Bronze is 3.1 times the weight of aluminium and copper is 3.4 times the weight and only a fraction as strong as steel. So the point is what? Pretty? I have to agree wholeheartedly with the P.T.Barnum comment. Somebody will buy these things but someone else will spend a lot of time polishing.
New Driver

These beautiful cars make my head hurt thinking of the time and exceptional effort to create them. Outstanding!
As to some bemoaning the polishing it would take to maintain these Cobras I say what’s the difference between these and maintaining a black car . I know, I have two black cars ! It takes a lot of effort to have something special.
Pit Crew

Clear coat is the answer
Intermediate Driver

And lots of it.
Intermediate Driver

I agree with most of the other's comments but we all must remember that cars like this are a "work of art".

Think of them as a wall painting by Van Gogh where they are so expensive and must be carefully displayed and cared for. They are also considered an "investment" that will hopefully bring additional financial rewards in the near future.

So these cars would need to be in a museum much like one of Van Gogh's painting and if you think of it in that light, then they begin to make some sense.

Not something I would wanna do even if I could and I dunno if even Hagerty would insure it... this appears to be in the "Lloyd's of London" category.

To each his/her own!
Hagerty Fan
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Is that a bottle of NOX under the dash?